Star Trek: Defiant

"NaKar's Legacy" - Part Four

Written by Eric L. Busby & Cheryl Christy

The Jem' Hadar ship cut through the darkness of space on its way towards the regions of the Federation. Goth and NaKar both wore optical set so they could pilot the Dominion ship on their way back to the Defiant. They left Dukat alive and behind on the jungle world with the Founder and Wayom. NaKar had not said much to her Father before she and Goth had taken the Jem' Hadar ship and set on their way home. In fact after they left she had not said a word at all. Goth had made a point not to pry upon what he had learned or ask any questions.

"I've altered the navigational transponder so any Federation ship that pick us will read us as a friendly vessel," Goth said, "After all I would hate to be shot down on our way home."

NaKar said nothing and Goth let her stay in her silence. In order to keep himself occupied on the journey, Goth activated the ship's on board computer and began to read of the Dominion's recent activities. He soon discovered that like most of the galactic power in the Alpha Quadrant the Cardassian/Dominion empire had taken a heavy toll during the nanite plague. However he soon found something that gathered his interest. He discovered that another group had helped the Dominion back onto their feet after the plague had been stopped.

The Brotherhood had joined forces with the Dominion. Goth found this to be very strange indeed. He read further of the Brotherhood/Dominion's plans for the Alpha Quadrant when NaKar came to him at last, "Commander Goth may I speak with you please."

"What on your mind NaKar?" Goth said not looking up from what he was reading.

"It's about what happened on the planet," She said, "I've worked very hard to keep my relation to my family a secret. There are forces that would hunt me down simply for being the daughter of one who caused so much death. If that were to get out...."

"NaKar I have no idea what your talking about,' Goth said looking up from the computer screen, "It was more than obvious that the Dominion forces were after me."

"Sir?" NaKar asked.

"Founders must have learned that I'm a Thanaos. And also knew that I was on the shuttle which is why they attacked us and brought down. You were just an innocent bystander who was in the wrong place at the wrong time." Goth said, "I thought that was clear. As to your family history. Well let just say I don't know anything about that."

NaKar smiled, "Thank you sir." She said. Goth said nothing and went back to the computer screen.

"This is very odd," He said. NaKar looked down at the screen before Goth.

"What is sir?" she asked.

"Its a plan for the Brotherhood to go back in time and alter the future,' Goth said, "It seams they have given the Dominion technology so when they do this they will not be effected by the changes to the time line. Its even on this ship."

What?' NaKar said, "How are they going to do this?"

"By killing someone who had a great hand in the flow of your history," Goth said, "Its there hope this will cause a war that will weaken the Federation in the present, thus giving the Dominion a chance to move in with little resistance."

"My God," NaKar said, "Who are they planning on killing." She asked. Goth looked over the screen. His mouth dropped open.

"James T. Kirk," He said in a gasp, "And from what it looks like their already on their way to do this" Goth said, "We've got to get back to the Defiant and warn everyone."

They never made it.

It wasn't long after they had read this that a blinding white flash filled the control of the Jem' Hadar ship. Time stopped for a moment as the Brotherhood's devise onboard the Jem' Hadar ship came to life placing a screen around the ship. The time line changed, and a new history came to life.

It was a dark time in the galaxy. A great culling war had caused many races to die out. Billions of other souls had never even been born. Countless world where life had once been in abundance were now nothing more than radioactive cinders orbiting dead stars. While other worlds were locked in an endless ice age.

A time where the Federation held onto power in an iron grasp on a fleet of dying starships. Goth Lasher and NaKar soon found themselves trapped in a shattered universe from the one they knew. A dark and shattered future stretched out before them.

The pair would share many adventure in this altered timeline. Indeed it would be close to a year before they would even return to their own timeline. However, it was because of their present here that what was left of the Dominion fleet never had a chance to take over the Alpha Quadrant. But as the saying goes.... That is another story.

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