Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 10A

Written by K'larn & Jeffrey Scott Bridges

The Romulan soldier approached the battered and bleeding Klingon's cell, as the Klingon stood defiantly, awaiting the next beating, letting his pure contempt for his captors shine through. "Come now Ko' friend, tell me when and where the Klingon High Command is next to meet."

The Klingon stared into the Romulan's eyes, not wavering for a second despite the substantial loss of blood. "I will never give you the satisfaction of getting any information from me."

"Ah, but you have already given me more than you realize." The Romulan smiled. It was a truly grotesque sight. "You see," he continued, "Your very capture has given me your do with as I see fit. I could kill you right now, but what would that achieve? Nothing, I fear." His tone was matter-of-fact, as if killing this captive Klingon so dishonorably were nothing more than swatting a fly. A primal, instinctive rage burned from withtin the Klingon's warrior blood.

"DO IT THEN! NOW!" The Klingon's booming voice echoed throughout the chamber.

"I think not." The Romulan smiled and turned his back to the Klingon, safe in the knowledge that the force field would protect him, and paced slowly to the wall opposite the cell. Ko'lar watched as the Romulan touched a keypad on the wall, and the wall and it's opaque surface shimered and turned into a window that looked into another room, equally as drab as the interogation room he was being held in. In the room was a group of Klingon's, many of which he recognized as those that were also captured following the Romulan attack on their transport ship...and his family.

The Romulan turned again to face the Klingon. "Your life obviously means nothing to you, but what of those of your family?" He reached again for the keypad and entered a key sequence. In the other room the occupants began to shuffle around as commands were given for them to move. Several Romulans armed with disruptors made their way to the window, dragging someone behind them. Ko'lar couldn't see the the young Klingon's face until the guards heaved him up and pushed him face first into the window.

* * *

The young Klingon fought and struggled, but he was still too small to do much good against the much larger and stronger Romulans. The Klingon was just a youth, and had yet to fully develop. But that didn't stop him from trying. He lashed out with his fists and feet, but it didn't slow his captors in the least. Suddenly they stopped and thrust his face up against the window, and despite his best efforts, he could not pry himself away.

And then his eyes caught a familiar sight...a tall, strong, proud Klingon, who was bleeding and wounded badly in several places. It was his father. His father caught sight of him, and whispered to himself...."K'larn..."

K'larn saw his father's lips saying his name, and it insipred him. He fought, struggled, and resisted for all he was worth, still to no avail. And then he saw Ko'lar look upward, as he let out a long scream, one of pure anger for what these Romulans were doing to his son.

K'larn watched on in awe and amazement as his father pushed himself, slowly but steadily, through the forcefield. Ko'lar's face contorted, he howled and screamed, so intense was the pain. And then it was over, and he stood on the other side. He advanced, slowly at first, quickly as his strength returned, towards his captor.

The Romulan interrogator seemed impressed, but not worried. Ko'lar threw himself through the air, in an attmept to bury the wiry Romulan under his massive Klingon body. But K'larn saw what his father had not...the disruptor that now rested easily in the Romulan's hand. A brilliant flash of green, and the Klingon landed hard on the floor.

"NO!" The young Klingon screamed, as pandemonium broke out in his room. The other Klingons had also witnessed the event, and were about to exact revenge. In the chaos, K'larn was let go, as the guards started picking off the klingons one by one. K'larn payed them no heed, he wanted only to avenge his father. Glancing around, he saw a panel next to the window, a few feet above his head, which had a few lighted buttons on it. He could only hope...

He ran and leaped, and his open palm slammed down on the panel, and the window / wall began to rise...he dropped himself to the floor and rolled underneath it, unable to wait for it to rise all the way. He ran towards his father as fast as his small feet would carry him. He stopped a few feet away as the Romulan pointed his disruptor at Ko'lar. "I suggest you leave." Romulan eyes glared at K'larn with hatred and animosity as the words were spoken. K'larn knew enough to know that that was not the way of the warrior, but he would rather lose his own honor than have his father lose his life. He backed away to a corner of the room.

The Romulan smiled at him, as he stood above the barely moving form of Ko'lar...then he fired.

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