Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 10B

Written by K'larn & Jeffrey Scott Bridges

K'larn screamed. A blodd-curdling yell for vengeance and battle, full af anger and hatred.

He opened his eyes, and was blinded by a bright light. He shook his head violently, thinking he had gone mad. And then the room came into focus....he was on a white table in this plain, empty white room that was filled with a white light that was present despite the lack of any lighting devices.

"What nonsense is this!" He had already attained a level of anger far surpassing that of most Klingons...

And then, in a corner of the room he saw two thin creatures, apporximately three meters tall. They were apparently conversing with one another. One waved an appendage in K'larn's general direction. And then the creatures made a series of sounds that K'larn KNEW were mocking laughter. His eyes narrowed.

"I am K'larn, son of Ko'lar. Who are you, and why do you mock me?"

More laughter. the Klingon growled. Enough with Federation policy. he had tired, after all. maybe some Klingon "policy" would be in order. With a cry to the glory of Kahless, he hurled himself at the creatures, much the same way his father had thrown hinself at the Romulan captor, all those years ago. He smiled as he envisioned snapping the spindly forms in two upon his collision with them, but he was to be denied that as well. His horizonally moving form shot throught the forms, and the wall behind them, and he came to rest, floating, in the midle of a large cylinder. this was NOT his day. His frustrarion was mounting uncontrollably.

He quickly surveyed his surroundings, and noticed that the side of the cylinder (the diameter of which was at least 20 meters) was covered with circutry and control panels. And then he sniffed the air. Something odd...he glanced upwatd, to see a large insectoidal form descending throught the air towards him. He also noticed that, as far aas his Klingon eyes could see, the cylinder rose and rose.....

He glanced downward, and saw the same, minus the insectoidal being. There was no floor. he was simply hovering motionless in the middle os this large..."room."

He glanced back to the descending insectoidal form again, which was now almost lever with him. it's many faceted eyes looked at him with curiosity...and..contempt. Hatred. K'larn growled. The being didn't flinch.

* * *

The captain and his fellow crew rushed over to the unconcious Klingon that had just been thrust through the door into the larger grey room, housing nothing but the crew currently "abducted" and the stools for them to sit on.

"Damn, now we're coming in unconcious." it was Commander Hardin, whose words betrayed his thoughts. If big and tough K'larn was unconcious, the beings were obviously powerful...and growing more malevolent with each passing member of the Defiant.

The captain, seeing that K'larn would reawaken...eventually, and knowing that they could not find out what happened until then, returned to Rael's side, where she sat, knees huddled close, tears still falling from her own encounter with these beings only a few short minutes before. he put his arms around her, and prayed for some answers soon....

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