Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 11A

Written by Mathew Marinus

Two thin, Three meter tall, creatures stood in a corner of the white room. Located at the center of the room, on a white table, laid Midshipman Mathew Marinus.

"There is a problem with this one." The creature on the right communicated telepathically to the creature on the left.

"I know." responded the creature on the left telepathically, "The section of his brain known for telepathy is damaged but we can fix that."

"But that could kill him." replied the creature on the right telepathically.

"I know but we have to know if he is the 'One.' Our existence relies on finding the "One". Begin the restoration of his brain." said the creature on the left telepathically.

* * *

The couple was quietly watching a video of the London Kings 2042 World Series win when the screams began. They quickly rushed to their son's room were they found him asleep but crying aloud in some sort of nightmare. The mother bent close to the child and began to gently stroke the child's head while whispering "Wake up Mathew". Suddenly the child woke and sat up with fear and sadness echoed in his face. He reached out and hugged his mother while crying uncontrollably.

"Calm down Mathew.", whispered the mother, "It was only a dream."

"But it was so real." sobbed Mathew.

"You are safe Mathew, your mom and I are here. Now Tell us about your dream." asked the father who was now sitting on the edge of Mathew's bed. Still holding his mother, Mathew looked towards his father.

"I don't remember much dad.", responded Mathew, "But I saw someone coming towards me with a phaser and they shoot me. I felt so confused and betrayed by that person but could do nothing but feel the pain." Mathew began to cry again.

"Don't worry son, nobody will hurt you." said the father trying to comfort his son.

"But dad it wasn't me that got shot but someone in a Starfleet uniform named Brandy Tranix. I was just there with him. I...was him" replied Mathew with a confused look on his face.

The Mother looked over Mathew's head with great concern in her eyes. The father looked back with the same concern but slowly shook his head with a "not now" sort of look. The mother nodded her head in agreement and gently laid Mathew back down in his bed. She looked deeply into his eyes and began to whisper, "Sleep", and within a few seconds Mathew was fast asleep. The parents carefully got up and left Mathew's room and entered the living room.

"Tom, What are we going to do?" asked the mother.

"You know what we have to do ILonna.", Replied Tom. "The surgery has to be performed."

"But the surgery is risky even with my skill, Tom. What if he ends up severely brain damaged? asked ILonna.

"What choice do we have. His mental abilities are developing beyond his capabilities to handle them. He actually entered the mind of another person ILonna and felt their pain. Not even my cousin Tam Elbrum could do that and you know what happen to Tam. Just imagine what will happen when Mathew comes into his full powers." responded Tom.

"I know, Tom , I'm just really scared" replied ILonna as she walked over and melted into Tom's arms crying.

* * *

The crew of the Defiant, in the grey waiting room, was just starting to relax from the startling appearance of the unconscious K'larn when they suddenly began to hear a woman crying in their minds

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