Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 11B

Written by Mathew Marinus

A few days after his nightmare, Mathew found himself in his mother's office. He was very excited because this was the first time that she had ever taken him to work. He sat in a big chair in her reception room, while she was in her office talking to her colleague Dr. Carnac Dreas. Mathew glanced out the reception room window and noticed that a bird was sitting on it's ledge. It was a small bird with a red body and black wings. Mathew's mind immediately stretched out and made contact with the bird's brain. Thoughts of worms and warm nests started to jump around in Mathew's mind. Suddenly, Mathew felt a hand on his shoulder and the contact with the bird was broken. Mathew looked up and saw his mother smiling down at him.

"Mathew I was just calling you. Didn't you hear me?" she asked.

"Sorry Mom", respond Mathew, "I was talking to the birdie"

"That's okay" she said with a sad smile on her face. "Let's go into my office, now dear." She extended her arm, which Mathew grabbed, and lead him into her office. Once in the office, Mathew saw Dr. Dreas sitting on a chair across from a huge couch.

"Good morning Mathew" said Dr. Dreas.

"Good Morning" responded Mathew as his mother lead him over to the couch and had him sit down.

"Do you know why you are here Mathew?" asked Dr. Dreas

"Yes Sir", responded Mathew, "You and mom are going to help stop the bad dreams."

"Yes that's correct Mathew" he said as Mathew's mother sat in the second chair across from the couch.

"Are you ready, ILonna" asked Dr. Dreas. After she nodded her head Dr. Dreas began talking to Mathew again. "Okay Mathew, I need you to lay back on the couch, close your eyes and relax As you relax listen to my voice". Mathew laid back on the couch and after a few minutes began to relax. The Doctor began to count backwards from ten and in between each number Mathew's mom would whisper, "sleep". By the time the count had reached one, Mathew was deep asleep in a trance. Dr. Dreas looked towards ILonna.

"Are you sure you want to go ahead with this", he asked.

"Yes" responded ILonna, "This has to be done to save his mind". The doctor nodded his head and turned back toward Mathew. After a few minutes Dr. Dreas began to repeat a single word, "Forget". In the background ILonna's voice began to echoed the Doctor's voice. The Doctor had started to whisper the word at first but then his voice increased with intensity until it finally stopped after one giant yell. It was then, that Mathew began to scream.

* * *

In the white room the creature on the right was shaking nervously.

"His life sign's are fluctuating", announced the creature on the right telepathically.

"I know" responded the creature on the left telepathically, "But we must continue. We must know for sure that this is the "One".

* * *

The crew of the Defiant, in the grey waiting room, was in the middle of discussing the Woman's crying, that they had heard, when the screaming of a little boy began to pound into their minds.

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