Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 1C

Written by Jeffrey Scott Bridges

The captain walked onto the bridge, and all was silent except for a slight buzzing-beep coming from Shinika's console. All eyes turned towards the man who had just entered the room. "Report," he ordered, to anyone who would answer.

"There is an auotmated distress call coming from Dravis III inside the Neutral Zone, from an unknown species who claim to have a colony there," answered Hardin.

"However, they are broadcasting on Klingon frequencies only," added Lebin.

"What's the message?" the captain asked. Lebin responded immediately.

"They claim severe geological instability, and the resulting destruction of their colony."

The captain turned to Shinika for confirmation, and he found it. She nodded, while saying, "The sensors DO confirm the message, sir. Approximate time planet will remain livable is twenty hours."

The captain turned to Mackowick. "How long would it take us to reach them at maximum warp?"

After performing a few calculations on his console, the commander replied, "Ten hours..."

"And how many people are in the colony?" the captain asked, cutting him off.

Checking the sensor readout, Shinika said, "Three-hundred fifty."

"We could easily hold them all, what with this empty ship...and it would take less than three minutes to beam them all up," the captain thought aloud. "...So, if we give ourselves an HOUR, which is plenty of insurance in case something goes wrong, we have nine hours before we need to leave, at the latest."

He paused for a moment, and then came to a decision. He said to Lebin, "Lieutenant, contact Starfleet Command and attempt to get sanction for crossing the border into the zone. Explain the situation fully, in detail. If need be, I will take this ship in there without authorization, but I won't risk interstellar war unless there is no other way."

"Understood, sir," was all Lebin said, as he began preparing the message.

"Sir," began Hardin, "They ARE broadcasting on KLINGON frequencies. They my not be friendly...may even be hostile. For all we know, it could be a trap."

"I am aware fo that, John. But can we take that chance? If this IS real, and those people's lives are in danger, we must help them. It's a risk we'll have to take." He stopped, and a small smile played across his mouth. "But thank you for pointing that out to me."

"Just doing my job, Sir," Hardin replied, returning the smile.

The captain rose and headed towards the turbolift. "I'm going to inform Doctor Laine of the situation, warn her that there may be casualties if things do not go well, heaven forbid..."

"Sir?" Lebin interrupted him.

The captain stopped in his tracks, and turned around. "Yes, Lieutenant?"

"Wouldn't it just be easier to contact her over the comm system?" he asked.

This brought yet another smile to the captain's face. "Yes, but far less personal. Keep me informed, and the INSTANT you have a reply form Starfleet Command, let me know."

"Aye, sir," Lebin answered.

The captain resumed his short journey to the lift, entered just after the doors slid aside, and as he turned around, said, "You have the bridge, Number One." He tilted his head slightly upwards, a habit he had when he was talking to the computer and no one else. "Deck eight." The doors closed, and Hardin had the bridge, and the Defiant, once again.

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