Star Trek: Defaint

Pilot Episode 1D

Written by Jeffrey Scott Bridges

The humanoid form crouched low in the darkness, as it sensed it's prey approaching. It took a deep breath, and held it, preparing to strike as soon as it's prey was in full view....

Captain Bridges walked up to the entrance door to Rael's quarters, and pressed the chime. No answer. He tried again...same result. Odd..."Computer," he said, with a glance upward, "Location of Doctor Laine."

"Lieutenant Laine Rael is in her quarters, deck eight," came the reply from the computer's soft female voice.

If she was in there, why wasn't she answering, he wondered. Well, time to find out, he decided. he didn't really need to ring the chime to Rael's room, he was always welcome in there, no matter what time it was. But it was more out of force of habit that he rang it anyway at times. He took another step forward, and the doors parted. He peered inside...and the room was dark. Completely dark. Unusually dark. What the hell was going on? He stepped inside, and was hit full-force by the humanoid. The doors shut as he was knocked down and to the side. he landed hard on the floor, on his back, the humanoid form on top of him.

He began to fight the form off of him, until his olfactory senses let him know exactly who was on top of him. He reached up.....and kissed Rael.

She laughed. "Ha! Gotcha, Jeffrey!"

The captain smiled. She had finally caught him completely off guard...and had pounced on him. GOD, he loved her....

She looked down at him through her eyes, the ones he could get lost forever in. And they suddenly closed as her head jerked backward with a loud snap as a bulkhead came crashing down on her as the ship shook.

His eyes went wide in horror, as he heard the familiar klaxon of the red alert, and the room was bathed in a soft red light that mingled in with the blood that was beginning to creep from the corners of Rael's mouth. He stood quickly, and attempted to pick up her still form, but the ship rocked again, with what could only be phaser or disruptor fire. Damn. He needed to be on the bridge...the crew, the ship.....But Rael...she could be dead, or dying. What was he supposed to do?

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