Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 1E

Written by Jeffrey Scott Bridges

The transporter...that would be the quickest way, he quickly decided. He reached for his commbadge and felt only the soft material of his uniform top. Damn, he thought, it must've been knocked of when the bulkhead fell. He called out, "Sickbay, this is the captain....." hoping that the computer would patch him through...but nothing. Only the constant flashing of the crimson red alert lights and that damn klaxon. The communications must've been knocked out by whatever it was that shook the ship, he thought as he quickly regained his train of thought. he could NOT afford to go into shock now...Rael's life, and possibly the lives of everyone on this ship were at stake.

He heaved and pushed, and was able to roll the piece of bulkhead off of her. Hereached down and gently lifted her in his arms, and breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her shallow gasps for air. He walked to the door, and prayed that it would open. His prayers were answered, and he sent a silent thank you to whatever diety might have givin him this chance to save her.

As he stepped into the hallway, he ran as fast as he could, while trying not to move her head around too much. He had seen enough action to know that her neck was broken, and she should have been dead. But she wasn't...yet. If her head moved too much, she would be. And if he did not get her to sickbay soon, she would meet the same fate. It was a battle for him to try and maintain good speed and NOT jostle her around. As he was streaking down deck 8 to the sickbay which was, thankfully, on the same deck, his mind finally caught up to him and he realized....Rael was currently the only medical personnel on the ship. Who could he leave her with so that he could get to the bridge? Of all the remaining crew members, the captain himself had the most medical knowledge...but he was needed on the bridge. The pressures of command.

As he came around a bend in the corridor, he almost ran straight into Ensign Emeras, who was heading in the opposite dirtection.

"Sir!" She exclaimed, and continued, "The lifts are out. I was on my way to the bridge..." She halted, as she finally noticed Rael's limp form, cradled close to the captain's chest. He had no time to stop and talk.

"Ensign, you're with me," he stated, as he took back off down the corridor. Emeras seemed comfuced for about a second, and then took off at a full sprint after her captain.

A few moments later the captain burst into the sickbay, followed closely by Emeras. Both were panting...hard. it had now ben almost a full minute since the ship first shook, and due to the communications being out, he still had NO idea what was going on.

Ensign Mak, who had been in sickbay at the time performing an invetory of the medical supplies (in case they were needed on Dravis III) for the doctor (he WAS an acting nurse, after all), was sitting on a biobed running an instrument over his arm. "I think it's bro.." he glanced up, and saw Rael. "...ken," he finished softly, and instantly hopped down off the bed and helped the captain and emeras get Rael safely into it.

"Emeras, you were on bajor during the occupation, weren't you?" the captain asked hastily.

"Yes, sir," she answered.

"Then you have field medical training right?" She nodded, but he continued before he even saw. "Stay here with everything for Rael that you can, i have to get to the bridge. I'll be back as soon as I can." Both the ensign's nodded. The captain, seeming nowhere NEAR satisifed, hesitated, looking longingly at Rael. The worry bled into his eyes. His crew members were not oblivious to it.

"Sir," Emeras said, "Go. You are needed up there. We will do all we can, I promise. but it will all be in vain if the ship is destroyed."

Bridges' logical side agreed with her, but his emotions told him to stay. He looked to Mak, eyes pleading.

Mak only nodded. The captain walked over to Rael, took her hand in his, and kissed her gently. He set her hand back down, ever-so-softly, and took of for the bridge.

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