Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 1F

Written by Jeffrey Scott Bridges

After climbing and crawling through Jeffries Tube after Jeffries Tube, the captain had finally arrived on the bridge, and his horror deepened. On the viewscreen was a ship of unkonwn origin (at least, unknown to the captain) and sheer and utter distruction.

Consoles were missing, blown off of the panels that they were normaly attached to. Sparks flew and a heavy smoke blanketed the room. He ran to the tactical station, and lost his footing for a minute. He had slipped on something...he glanced downward, and saw a pile of black sooty ashes around his feet. Ashes....God, NO. tactical was where his second officer, Jen Matute, would have been. And Changelings, when they died....His head fell, as he tried to squelch the pain. He called out across the bridge for anyone who would answer, and just then did he realize that except for the hissing sparks from some of the consoles, the bridge was quiet. Deathly quiet.

He waited, and called out again. There was no reply, as the first time. he turned back to the partially intact tactical panel (when the other half exploded, it must've caught Jen....NO, he could not dwell on it now. He had to save whoever was left....) He quickly modified the internal sensors, and saw that there were only four life signs...His, Ry's, Mak's, and the very faint life sign of his dearest Rael. All of them, all dead? No, it couldn't be....not possible....

The ship shook violently once again, and the captain came back to the grim reality that faced him. Whoever these people were. they had all but destroyed his ship and his crew...his surrogate family. He checked the hull, and saw that it was holding in all key areas, at least for now. Checking the power supply, he transferred what little was left to the shields, dropping everything else but life support (and power to the terminal that he was using, but that was miniscule). The lights and main viewer went off, and he was in darkness except for the lights on the keys of his half-terminal.

He checked the main viwere record of what had occured.....The ship that he had just seen had blatantly attaked the Defiant without warning, somehow slipping in under the sensors. They had hit all key targets on the ship, save life-support. The defiant had had no reason to have it's shields up, and had been a sitting duck. As he watched a replay of the internal bridge recorders, he saw that it was not Hardin's fault..or anyone's fault. It had all happened too quickly. Only with a crew of androids could this ship have even had a one in a thousand chance....

He saw the hostile ship appering on the viewer, and then a barrage of fire swept over the Defiant. Hardin, in the center chair, had ben killed instantly when the ceiling had collapsed on him. One torpedo made its way straight throught the bridge, cutting a path and leaving destruction and horror in its wake. THAT was what had taken out the rest of the bridge crew.....Engineering, a coolant leak, the mess hall, in flames, the science labs...all the same, everywhere. And no shields whatsoever to stand against the attack. Damn it, it was his fault, he should've ordered a yellow alert, then at least the shields would've been up....It was a miracle Mak and Emeras and himself were alive, and Rael.

Rael. She was near death. And it was the fault of those bastards out there. They had, in effect, destroyed his ship, killed his crew, injured his love. They would not escape to attack any other innocents.

He set up a power transfer to take ALL REMAINING power, even from the life support, and put it into the weapons systems. if he had it figured correctly, shileds and life support would come back on-line ten seconds after he fired. But that was it. Life-support would barely function under the power that would remain, and with it having to SHARE power with the shileds, the air would be thin and the shields weak. But it was something....

His terminal shut down, all but the fire button (one button, and that was it....all four forward banks firing at the same time, never a good idea, and a full spread of ten Quantum torpedoes), and the main viewer came to life just in time for him to see the enemy ship firing again, but this time the shields held. There was no expression on his face, but inside, the captain was feeling remorse for what he was about to do. Killing was something he did not welcome, even if the beings deserved it. But the rest of the Federation was at stake...countless lives. Countless innocents. And they would not suffer.

His finger hovered above the button for a moment, and he wasn't entirely sure he could do it. Then gravity claimed him by law, and his finger fell. Outside the Defiant, in the void of space, there was not a sound. Twenty rapid-fire bursts of phasers (two shots per burst) were realeased for EACH forward bank...eighty shots. They tore into the enemies shields, and ripped throught their hull, tearing like it was no more than tissue paper. By the time the quantum torpedoes reached their mark, they detonated on nothing but debris. Debris that was left from an explosion that had rocked the Defiant violently, and had dissipated all of the remaining shileds. And still not a sound in the vacuum of blackness.

Life support grunted in protest as it was reinstated, and the captain lowered his head in a moment for the departed. His crew, his friends, and his enemies.

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