Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 1G

Written by Jeffrey Scott Bridges

He had crawled as fast as he could back through the Jeffries Tubes to sickbay, but it just wasn't fast enough. As he exited onto deck eight, he felt panic beginning to rise inside him, and it was all he could do to keep his sanity as he raced towards the sickbay.

He arrived, and hurdled debris after debris, until he made it to the biobed where Rael lay, in the almost total darkness of the sickbay, which was in about the same shape as Rael. Mak and Ry were sitting on the floor a few meters away, talking quietly. As they noticed their captain, they stood.

"Sir," Ry said in greeting. Mak only nodded. "Any word on the rest of the crew? What happened?"

"Dead," the captain whispered, "...All dead." The pain was starting to get to him, as he stared down at his love, who was very very still. He looked to the two ensigns, eyes asking his question.

"Sir," Mak began, "We have done all we can for her. She has been through a -great- trauma..." He glanced at Ry. She picked up on it and finished for him.

"Her heart stopped about two minutes ago. We were able to revive her by physical means, we had no other options. Virtually none of the equipment in here works any longer. I do not know if it will stop again, and if it does, we may not be able torevive her." Her eyes showed compasion, and understanding. Pain was there, too....the rest of the crew, her friends, were all gone as well. And she was quite close to T'Mal....But she hid the pain well.

The captain retrieved a partially working tricorder, and set it to emit a short, slightly high-pitched beep each time Rael's heart beat. It began, and was slow. And weak. The captain walked to her side, and took her hand in his, as the tears came. He loved her so much....that was it, his love for her would get her through this, it HAD to.

Suddenly, without warning, the beeps stopped, and became a constant monotonus sound.

"NO!" He screamed, as he began pumping her chest with his hands, faster and faster.....

"NO! Damn it, NO!" Faster, faster, harder, harder.....

Ry shut off the tricorder, as Mak set a hand on his captain's shoulder to comfort him.

"NO!" the captain growled, and shook it off. He would not give up, he would not....

"He lay his head on her chest, listening for the strong heartbeat he had heard so often. And recieved only silence. "No..." he said, through the sobs. "No, please....Prophets, NO!"

His head still on her chest, his tears staining her top, his hands pounding violently into the med table. All the power of this ship, all the power and knowledge at his fingertips. And what good was it? All that power, all that LOVE, and he could not save her. It was the hostile aliens, it was his. It didn't matter anymore. She was gone, he had let her die, right in front of him, while his hands and arms had worked furiously to halt what he could not prevent.

Ry and Mak slowly made their way to a corner of the sickbay, to leave the captain to deal with his grief, his ultimate suffering. The captain just stared into her blank and empty eyes. Her Pagh was gone to the prophets in the Celestial Temple, no longer inhabitingher body. She was forever beyond his reach, until the day he died, and they were together again. Life without her...the mere thought of it hurt so much....

One had gripping hers, which was fast becoming cold, he reached up and ran his hand gently over her face and through her hair as he had done countless times when they were together. She had liked that....His hand ended its movements on her forhead, and slid slowly down, closing the eyes that meant the world to him. He leaned over, and placed a last, soft kiss on her cool lips, as one of his tears fell and landed on her cheek, rolling down and getting cought in her hair.

* * *

He lay very, very still there for a while, the tears not having once dried up. He lifted himslef up, he did not know why, but he felt the need to do it, and glanced around for Ry and Mak. They were nowhere to be seen. Then he noticed...all of sickbay was gone. Rael....his head snapped back around, and she, too, was not there. Was he going insane? Where was Rael? He needed to see her body safely back to Bajor....if someone had done somehting to her.....

His brain finally registered what his eyes had been sending him...the room he was in was fairly large. Big enough to hold approximately twenty people comfortably. He was seated on some sort of stool, and noticed that there were a large number of other stool just like his, all vacant.

There was a large door at the end of the room. It looked heavy and was made of some sort of metal. He thought of trying to open it and finding out what the hell was going on, but something told him that it would be a monumental waste of his time.

He glanced around for a few more moments, his pain over Rael creeping its way back over him, and depressing him more every second. Suddenly, there was a loud, deep hising sound, and the door and the end of the room slid upward. Maybe now he could get some answers...he looked to see the being who was walking in, and fell right off his stool when he did.

"John," he was his first officer, John Hardin. He was staggering, looking very weak, but also looking very alive. The captain pulled himself of the floor and rushed to his side, helping him to one of the stools and lowering him onto it. "John...JOHN!" the captain said again, " You're alive! How...I saw you get crushed when the ceiling caved in...."

The first officer looked at him questioningly. "Sir? What are you talking about? The ceiling didn't cave in...I knew I was in bad shape, but YOU might be worse off..."

The captain didn't hear him. John was alive, and that was great, that meant that the rest of his crew might somehow be, too. And that included Rael. He knew what he was thinkning was insane, but he didn't care. There was always hope.

"John....if the ceiling didn't cave in on the bridge when we were attacked, what happened? Do you remember? Tell me, in as much detail as you can, where you just were. Were you somewhere else, and suddenly here? It was like that for me....What the hell is going on?" The captain was thinking aloud now, a stream of conciousness. "What could have happened? Was all that fake? It couldn't have been, could it? What..."

Hardin cut him off. "Sir, slow down, please. I'm not feeling very well and I am having trouble keeping up. Can we try one question at a time?"

The captain stopped, and gathered his thoughts, silently this time. "Tell me what happened, John...what you remember before you arrived here."

The first officer nodded, and began.

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