Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 7B

Written by Barak ir-Chaziz tr'Saar

"Mr. Barak, welcome aboard!" As a large gray-haired human, sporting a mustache and a dark vest, slapped him on the back, Barak examined his surroundings. He seemed to be inside a rather heavily modified Federation Type VI Shuttlecraft.

Barak inclined his head toward the Terran. "I am Barak. I take it you are my transport across the Zone." It was more a statement then a question.

"Aye, lad. I'm Captain Montgomery Scott, Starfleet, retired. Just call me Scotty. Oh, an' I hear you're an Engineer?"

"Yes, Cap-- Scotty, specializing in cloaking devices."

"Then you won't mind manning our wee beastie, will ye?"

Barak, despite the obvious necessity of a cloaking device in a ship that was to cross the Zone, was still surprised to see one gracing a Starfleet ship. // It's really too bad I didn't have time to build a TriCloak before this trip. Might come in handy, but there just isn't time... // thought Barak. Aloud, he said, "Not a problem, Scotty." One thought had been pestering Barak since the small ship's transporter had plucked him out of the park on ch'Rihan: Spock had told him many stories of his expieriences as a Starfleet officer. This man... should have been dead decades ago, if it were the same person, yet everything fit: the name, the appearance, even the strange accent on his Terran. Barak broke down and asked the question. "Scotty, did you, by any chance, serve with Spock aboard the original Enterprise?"

"Lad, I was on tha' ship since Captain Pike was aboard, and Spock wasna even the First Officer... Ye're probably wondering why I look so young... let's just say it was a miracle of not quite modern technology..."


"Shall we get underway, laddie?"

* * *

The shuttle shook with yet another hit. Barak was desperately trying to pilot and repair the cloak at once, while a disheviled Mr. Scott attempted to maintain shields while fixing the warp drive.

"Mind th' Jackson Compensators!" yelled Scott over the din of strained shuttle systems.

"Got 'em" Barak responded in a like volume. He had to concentrate on his work, but the thoughts of what would happen to the Federation if he failed weighed heavily upon his mind and heart. The plans had to reach the Federation, but Scotty and Barak had been detected en route. "Stern shield at 17%! Can you give it more juice?"

"Lad, I'm doing all I can! This wee ship just hasn't got the power!"

The special sensors that had detected their shuttle, too massive to be put aboard ships, were on a nearby asteroid. Their operators, upon detecting the tiny cloaked shuttle, had immediately summoned a D'deridex-class Warbird. The shuttle was actually holding up remarkably well, probably because of Scotty's modifications. Barak recalled the salvaged Federation shuttle his ship had once used for target practice; after three shots, it nothing but an expanding cloud of gasses mixed with melted hull fragments, all floating through space.

A number of glancing hits buffeted the shuttle. "That did it, Scotty! Shields are -down-!"

"I'm working on it la--"

All hell broke loose as yet another blast pounded the shuttle. Instrument panels began to explode as Barak's world suddenly grew white hot.

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