Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 8A

Written by Adam Lebin

"RED ALERT, ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS!" The order came very loudly over the Ships intercom. Before that order, I was on my way to the Holodeck, hoping to enjoy some quiet time before the Defiant reached the point of the Distress Call from the Neutral Zone, but now, that doesn't seem possible.

I got the Bridge as soon as I could, "Fire Phasers!" The Captain said. "What the heck is going on here?" I asked the Captain, Jeffrey replied very quickly. "Four Kelvin Class Cardassian Warships just dropped their cloaks, and began a firing spree, Lieutenant, DAMAGE REPORT!" He said, and asked of myself.

"Shields are down to 50%, we have a Plasma Leak on Deck 14, repair crews have been deployed!" I told him, but the situation did not look good. We were outnumbered 4 to 1. The Kelvin Class Warship is one of the finest in the Cardassian Fleet, they can match anything.

The Bridge shook, very violently, debris came flying from the top of the deck, and sparks flew everywhere. "Sir, shields above the Bridge have buckled, I can't seel them. Shields have dropped to 12%, there is too much power failiures over the ship, I can't use Auxilury Power to boost them." I told the Captain, and he did seemed very worried.

One more hit could finish everyone, and I wasn't about to let it happen. "Sir, I have a suggestion, however, I'll need a Runabout!" I told Bridges, but their was to time for an explanation, "Go then, good luck Lieutenant!"

I ran from my post at Ops to the Shuttle Bay even faster than the speed I came to the Bridge. I had to move quicker now. No one knows what I am about to do, heck, I wasn't even sure. I'd never gotten a chance to test this out. Its either it works, or I'll be dead within a few Phaser Blasts.

I entered the Shuttle Bay, and entered the Runabout Lovell. I skipped Pre-Launch altogether, engaged the ships engines, and left the Defiant Shuttle Bay. I had to do several manuvers to get around the Defiant's shields, and I got out with no problem. My sensors told me the Defiant's shields were down to 5%, I had to act even faster, especially since I was alone.

"Computer, raise shields, go to Auxilary Power." The Lovell shook, the Caradies opened fire on me. Now, what I have planned better work, or I will be out in a matter of seconds.

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