Star Trek: Defiant

Pilot Episode 8B

Written by Adam Lebin

"Computer, Move Auxilary Power to all Engine Systems, they are to only run on that power, the rest of this ship is to run on Reserve Power only, divert all Main Power to Program Lebin 1." I said in a flash, and I could hear the humms of all power moving, and switching throughout the Runabout.

"Computer, Engage Program Lebin 1." Suddenly, sensors now shown the four Cardassian Kelvin Class Warships, the Defiant, my Runabout in its position, and 4 Federation Starships, all producing fake life signs, and now attacking the Cardassian Warships. Now, the Cardassians concentrated their fire on the Holo-Ships, not the Defiant, but my sensors read that the Defiant shields had collapsed, and it was now up to me to give them the protection they needed.

Momentarily, I was able to program this ships external holo-grid to have these fake ships fire as hard as they could at the enemy vessels. Soon, the Holo-Ships fired on the enemy. Then, another Cardassian ship decloaked, it looks like a shuttle from looking out the window. According to the sensors, it is.

The Lovell shook, and it shook yet again. This time, I could see sparks flying everywhere inside the Runabout Cockpit, where I am. "Warning, damage to External Holographic Grid, Grid Efficiency down to 25% and falling."

I got up after the sparks stopped. I checked the Holo-Grid, it was now Malfunctioning, and I did not like what I was seeing. Two of the Holo-Ships stopped firing, the other two ceased fire on the Cardassian Warships, and went out of site. Did they move away? If so, the sensors would show it. Where were they?

That was it, I had to shut the Holo-Grid down, I pressed the controls to disengage all external holo-functions, and the Cardassians started to fire on myself, and the Defiant, from what I could read at my ship, the Defiant was heavily damaged, it looked like I was able to give them time to do some ship repairs, but it wasn't good enough.

"Bridges to Lebin, what happened?" Asked the Captain over the Communication System. "Sir, that Cardassian Shuttle damaged my holo-grid, I can't... Wait a second, two of the fake ships just reappeared sir! However, I don't get this, Captain, withdraw the Defiant!!!"

Too late, I thought I shut down the entire Holo-Grid, and soon, I could see the Defiant go up in flames. It was not the Cardassians who are responsible for the Defiant's destruction, but myself. The entire holo-grid reactivated somehow, malfunctioned, and fired on the Defiant. Since that Main Power was transferred to the Holo-Grid, it was just as real as any other ship. My fault completely.

A hail came in, "Attention Federation Runabout, this is Gul Evek, Commander of the Cardassian 4th Order, surrender your ship immediately and no harm will be done to you."

No way, I am already at fault for the Defiant's destruction, I had to make sure I am able to complete the task at hand. Its either withdraw, or suicide. An end to all of my lifetimes. The knowledge of the Lebin Symbiont ends with me.

"Computer, screen off!" The channel open to Gul Evek, I closed it, and I was not going to give up without a fight. "Computer, transfer all power systems back to normal status. Transfer all Auxilary power to the Defenseive Systems, Arm all Weapons, lock all on enemy vessels, and fire at will. Go to evasive maneuvers!"

I was just flying around for my life. The ship shook. "Warning, Damage to Warp Reactor Core, Breech in 5 Minutes." Well, this ship was about to be in pieces anyway, why not take some off it myself. "Computer, eject all warp systems, aim it at the Cardassian ships." I turned the Runabout around so the aft section of the ship was facing the Cardassians, and all components to the Warp Drive were ejected. "Computer, target a Quantum Torpedo toward the ejected engines, and fire on my mark."

I had to get ahead, luckily this ship still had manuvering thrusters. "Computer... Mark!" The Torpedo shot away, connected with everything this ship ejected into space, and a huge explosion followed upon contact.

My sensors showed a Level 4 shockwave coming in all directions from the point of explosion from the Lovell Warp Drive. That shockwave hit the Cardassian Warships, and they went up in flames. "Warning, the Level 4 Shockwave has increased in velocity. Calculated speed now at Warp .7, recommend going to warp."

"Well computer, you could have told me that from the start." I cursed to the Computer. The Shockwave would come to me in a matter of seconds, no use trying to escape. So, I closed my eyes, trying to breathe normally, and listen. For a moment, nothing happened, so I got curious, and opened my eyes.

I could see the Bulkhead coming directly at me in my face, and it made a direct hit, and I could feel the ship, just being torn apart by the Shockwave, and instead of feeling a cold sensation, I could see a white light, just forming everywhere.

* * *

"You may join the others." A voice said. Then a door opened, and I could see the Captain Bridges, Commander Hardin, T'Mal, Emeras, CMO Rael, Mak, and finally Barak.

"Lieutenant, are you all right." Hardin asked. "I think so, what the hell happened?"

"You and your fellow crewmates are being tested, you are to live through your worst fears." The voice said, yet, it was like it was in my mind. "Captain?" I asked, "Is this true, we had to face our worst fears."

He answered quickly. "Yes Adam, I am afraid so, so has everyone else, I'll explain to you as soon as the rest of the crew gets here."

That moment, I just collapsed, finding it really hard to believe that what I just experienced was not in any way, real.

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