Star Trek: Defiant

"And All the Gods Have Their Place" - Part Two

Written by Paulos Danorium

Rael picked up a medical scanner as she crossed sickbay to the bio-bed where Takila Mak waited. She waved the instrument over his back before grabbing another instrument to heal the bruises. "What happened to you?"

"The holodeck happened. It malfunctioned and started throwing rocks at me. If Tagana hadn't shown up it would have done more I'm sure." He was sounding decidedly annoyed with the technology and Rael was very glad he had never been angry with her.

"Well, now you have no bruises and we can fix the holodeck." She set the scanner and healing instruments on the bio-bed to make a notation in Mak's medical files. After he thanked her and left she went back to her office. She was just about to sit down when she saw a scanner on her chair. "That's strange, " she murmurred.

Rael took the instrument and went back into the main healing room. The other equipment was still laying on the bio-bed but it seemed that the scanner she had really was the same she had only just used. She set it down on the cart next to the bed and went back to the office again. She sat down with a sigh that tuned into a yelp as a cold metal edge scraped against her lower back. The doctor stood qucikly and picked the scanner up once once more as laughter rang across the room. She searched sickbay, but no one else was there.

* * *

Paulos woke with a jolt to the sound of laughter. As soon as he opened his eyes the sound stopped. The urge to get up to see if there was anyone in the hall was strong, but the comfort of being warm and enclosed in Emil's arms was stronger. This sense of belonging, of loving and being loved, was what he had missed for so long.

He had never had to sleep alone for more than two or three mights before transferring to the Defiant, but even when he and Emil had lived together on Betazed it hadn't felt like this; and in those days they could have sex. They hadn't yet on the starship and it wasn't because of an oath of celibacy. Starfleet hadn't requested that of Paulos because he was only half Deltan, but he wondered if he might be able to affect the crew with his pheromones anyway. Captain Bridges would probably not appreciate the crew abandoning their positions to join in an orgy caused by one crewperson's out of control pheromones. Emil understood so far, but one day that would be tested.

He shifted slightly to get more comfortable and felt Emil mutter something against his shoulder. Paulos smiled sleepily and closed his eyes.

* * *

K'larn took one step outside of his quarters and bellowed in outrage. For a moment he thought he heard laughter but as he glared down the hallway it stopped abruptly. He turned again as he heard running footsteps and Lt. Commander Jen Matute was in sight shortly. She looked prepared for a battle.

"What's wrong? What happened?" She demanded shortly. Her eyes took in the surroundings, not missing any detail. As she saw that nothing was out of the ordinary she calmed a little and looked up at the imposing Klingon.

He nodded, "Something is very wrong. Someone changed all of the furniture in my quarters to Romulan design, even my bed, and I did not wake! He growled and pounded his fist against the bulkhead near his door.

As they prepared to investigate the redecoration of the Klingon's quarters a shriek rang out from down the hall and they both ran to see what had just happened. Jen stopped in front of Maerret's quarters as another shout emanated from within. "Security override to Ensign Maerrat's quarters," she called out. The door slid open to revel a fully clothed and dripping wet Romulan in the middle of the room. K'larn could not repress his reaction and began to laugh as Maerret glared at him.

"What happened here?" Commander Matute strode forward, picking up a towel that the moist Ensign had dropped, and handing it to him.

"I was sleeping and someone dumped cold water on me. It... shocked me. I am sorry if my reaction disturbed you." He took the towel and draped it over his shoulders as Jen looked back at K'larn.

"I think that we should talk to the Captain. These pranks are getting a little too frequent. We'd better start dealing with this problem before it gets worse."

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