Star Trek: Defiant

"And All the Gods Have Their Place" - Part Four

Written by Paulos Danorium

The universe shifted and everything flew forward. People all over the ship fell out of bed, were thrown against bulkheads and consoles, and in other vther various undignified ways found themselves on the floor as the Defiant came to a very sudden stop. Time seemed to have stopped with the ship in the first few moments of stillness, but the red alert klaxon went off soon after and the crew went into immediate action.

* * *

Emil groaned and tried to stand, but he didn't have the strength. Paulos had heard the Betazoid's head hit the deck with a loud thud and was already thinking it might be a concussion. He had to help his lover back to the bed, and as he dressed he kept careful watch. Emil was dazed and his eyes were dialated, not a good sign at all.

"Emil, can you understand me?" The Betazoid started to nod, but stopped with a wince. "Good, I'm going to take you to sickbay, but then I have to get to the bridge. I'm going to need your help because I won't be able to carry you, do you think you could help me?" Emil made a small sign in the affirmative and let Paulos help him get dressed carefully.

Fortunately Emil could walk a little, but he needed the support. Twice they passed wounded crewman, but they couldn't stop. Paulos contacted sickbay with their locations and left it up to the medics. His attention was completely on Emil, and though he knew that he had to get to the bridge as soon as possible he had already decided to volunteer in sickbay if he weren't need on the bridge for very long. He had a strong feeling that anyone with healing abilities that wasn't injured would be needed.

As they reached the medical bay the ship vibrated suddenly. Emil clutched at Paulos as he nearly passed out and they made their way into sickbay stumbling. A stronger vibration shook the ship, this one longer in duration, and Emil blanched white. Paulos saw that others in the room were having similar reactions, but he couldn't stay. He made sure that a nurse was with Emil and stooped to whisper, "I love you." to the Betazoid before rushing to the bridge.

As he slipped into his chair on the bridge the Captain gave him an unreadible look. "Problems?" Paulos nodded shortly and Bridges continued. "We seem to be having a slight problem Counselor. The ship is stuck," He turned to Commander Kliemann for confirmation, "In a bubble or a shield of foriegn origin. Lt. Commander Lebin and Lt. Friese have determined that there are no vessels in the area, unless they remain cloaked. Can you sense any alien presence?"

Paulos paled, not an easy thing for someone as white as he was. He had avoided dropping his shields because of the laughter that never seemed to stop. It was extremely annoying to hear voices in one's head when one was trying to cuddle with one's boyfriend. This was a differnt case though, and he nodded. "I will try Captain." He closed his eyes, getting more comfortable, and carefully dropped his shields.

* * *

Lt. Commander Mackowick whirled in his seat to see both Counselor Danorium and Commander Wolfrom fall unconscious. They had both made small noises of pain as they fell and no one had been able to react soon enough. Chad and several other bridge officers were immediately on their feet and rushing to the two telepaths.

"Bridge to sickbay, medical emergency!" He called out, thinking quickly, as he knelt next to Danorium. He checked for a pulse and noted the shallow breathing. The Deltan looked like he were only asleep, but until Rael and Ensign Serrin appeared no one dared try to move Danorium or Wolfrom. They were taken away by the doctors and the bridge officers resumed their stations with only a small amount of reluctance. Dr. Laine would make sure they were informed if anything happened.

* * *

When Paulos woke he was in sickbay and Rael was standing over him. He tried to sit up, but she restrained him easily and he lay back down without a struggle. His head hurt too much to fight her, and she did know what was best.

"Keep still." She ordered as she moved to the next bio-bed, where the newest addition to the ship, Kalina, lay still unconscious. He looked from side to side and saw that all of the ship's telepaths, even touch telepaths, were in sickbay; Emil, Wolfrom, T'Mal, Marinus, Tyrrel, and Elias.

"Doctor!" He tried to sit up again. "I have to talk to the Captain. It is very important. Please, ask him to come down here." Paulos lay back again before she had one of the burly medics forcibly restrain him and Rael went to a comm panel.

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