Star Trek: Defiant

"And All the Gods Have Their Place" - Part Five

Written by Paulos Danorium

Captain Bridges and Commander Kliemann appeared in sickbay a few minutes after Rael had called the bridge. Both officers went immediately to the ring of bio-bed that supported the ship's telepaths, who were all awake and aware. They looked up at the Captain with worry, except for T'Mal who of course seemed unruffled.

Paulos sat up, this time without being threatened or restrained. "Captain, we have important information for you." He looked at the others for a brief instant, "When I was on the bridge you asked me to look for an alien presence. I did, but as soon as I dropped my shields I was assaulted by that laughter again. I tried to find the source, but just as soon as I felt it the others were drawn into the search and we were linked to the presence. I think that it tried to communicate with us. I was aware if a jumble of images and words, but I couldn't understand what they meant, if they meant anything at all." He paused and T'Mal interrupted.

"Captain I also saw these images and words. There was no order, no rational behind them. It was as if a child had picked up a handful of multi-colored leaves and thrown them to us. They landed in random order."

Maren suddenly spoke up. "I disagree. I thought that these images and words did makes sense, though they were overwhelming. Though there was a child-like quality and the sense of power behind it was unmistakable, there didn't seem to be any intent to harm or confuse. I felt that the images and words were connected, though I could not recognize the language."

"I recognized some of the words. They were Terran, but ancient. The majority of the words are from the slavic and scandinavian language bases, mostly from old Norse. I recognized the words takk, jeg, heter, du, and dag for example. I believe that if we can remember more of these words and put them together we might be able to translate the message." Emil blushed slightly and looked at Paulos for a little support. Other than meeting the Captain when he had boarded at Deep Space Nine he had not talked to the human and Bridges could be a little intimidating.

Paulos nodded and was about to speak when Kalina broke the silence. "I sensed something more than the others. I sensed a name. I know little of human tradition or history, and I do not know if this name is important to your culture, but I do believe that this is what the presence calls itself. It is Loki. I also sense that this presence is not alone."

Bridges shook his head. "That name does not seem familiar to me. Commander Kliemann, please start referencing the name Loki in the Terran databases. Have Ensign Tyrrel help you. We'll meet to discuss this new information when you are ready."

* * *

Paulos and Emil were allowed to leave sickbay after Rael had run a few more tests. There was nothing physically wrong with either of them and more than anything they needed some rest. Though they had not had much of a workout as other days the telepathic and empathic stress had been exhausting.

Paulos wanted to stop by Eight Forward to get a drink first, but Emil talked him out of it. "I'm so tired, can't we go home and have a drink there? I did bring some Betazoid liqueurs with me."

"I don't mind. I always enjoy spending time with you alone. Are you still-" Emil grabbed him and pulled him out of the way as Ensign Alexa Joel and CWO Clark raced past carrying fire-suppression and clean-up equipment. A moment later Midshipman Harvey ran by as well, carrying a computer repair kit. Just as the three junior officers were out of sight the ship bucked suddenly, rolling over in space.

Paulos and Emil were both thrown against the ceiling, but when the ship righted itself and gravity was restored they were only bruised. They looked at each other and were about to inquire about how the other felt when a loud whistle got their attention. "All senior officers report to the conference room."

"I have to go, but I can walk the rest of the way to our quarters with you. I'll be back as soon as I can." Paulos left Emil at their door and ran to the nearest turbolift.

* * *

The Senior staff were grim and determined. Paulos could feel their anxiety but their strength of will was incredible. The jolts and jerks the ship had experienced were still causing numerous injuries, and fired were breaking out periodically, and the practical jokes had continued to be played, but at least they had some lead to follow now and they would never give up the search for a way to end the control the alien presence had over their lives.

Commander Kliemann had everyone's attention. His voice, both confident and calm, helped the other officers see through to what their real foe was. "Ensign Tyrrel and I have discovered who the name Loki is in reference to. Loki was the Norwegian god of mischief, strife, and fire. He was a shape-changer as well as having many supernatural powers; such as walking on water. Loki might be recognized because he is always clad in red and black, no matter what shape he assumes. We believe that this presence is either aware of what the god Loki had dominion over, or that this presence is in fact the being once known on Earth as Loki and is a god."

Paulos tried to think back to a few days before. The colors red and black were common enough, but he had seen them in a strange place, right before a joke had been played. As soon as he recalled the situation he interjected into the discussion, "I think that I have seen the bing on the ship. I saw a small boy wearing red and black a few days ago. He was near Eight Forward and he was not familiar to me. I know that the child could have been part of a family on the ship, and that is what I thought when I first saw him, but I do not think that any longer."

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