Star Trek: Defiant

"And All the Gods Have Their Place" - Part Six

Written by Paulos Danorium

As soon as the senior officers had been briefed on the characteristics of the Loki in Terran mythology they were dismissed to share that information with the officers in their divisions. If everyone were about to recognize the being they would be able to catch him sooner.

In the meantime they would try to communicate to the presence. Captain Bridges odrered hailing frequencies to be opened. "This is Captain Bridges, commanding officer of the starship Defiant. We request that the alien presence calling itself Loki communicate with us." He gestured that frequencies be closed and turned to face tactical. "Lt. Friese repeat message in all know languages until we get a response."

* * *

Paulos invited the young Ocampan woman into the Counseling office. She had just been assigned as the Assistant Ship's Counselor. Paulos was glad to have help.

"Captain Bridges told me that you were qualified, but he didn't tell me any details. Would you?"

Kalina smiled and sat on the light blue couch across from him. "Well, my parents were both counselors adn I learned a lot from them. I am also gifted with telepathy and empathy...and I want to be able to help people."

"Well, that is a good start. I'd like to give you the chance to help people. I was first trained in Deltan counseling techniques and then Betazoid. Both involve touching; mostly just holding hands and hugging, but also some of a more personal nature when it is required. There are some people who do not respond well to touch; Klingons for example. They might refuse to seek couseling if they think I'm the only choice they have. With your help the ship will have more options for everyone in their mental and emotional help." He smiled softly.

"You can start taking appointments tomorrow if you'd like. Ensign Tyrrel will be coming in and I'm not sure if I would be able to help her yet. She had a terrible experience in a mirror universe, and with my own counterpart in that universe. I would like you to be her counselor, if you feel ready. Rael can give you any background information you need. She has been working with Tyrrel up to this point and knows more about this case than anyone else on this ship."

* * *

There was finally a response to the continuous hail after three hours. "Captain we have just received a two word reply. It reads, 'All right.' Should we continue our hail?" Lt. Friese looked down over tactical.

"No, let's see if there will be further response before continuing." He turned back to face the viewscreen, but a sudden laugh to his left made him pause.

"Well, here I am. You know who I am. but just to be clear I'll remind you. I am Loki. You may start worshiping me now." A tall, muscular, blond man stood at the bottom of the ramp. He flashed a perfect smile and winked one of his icy blue eyes at Captain Bridges.

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