Star Trek: Defiant

"And All the Gods Have Their Place" - Part Seven

Written by Paulos Danorium

Captain Bridges stepped back in surprise, but recpvered quickly. "My crew and I will not worship you." He looked at Counselor Danorium, hoping that the Deltan would take a hint and scan the being. Danorium nodded slightly and Bridges turned his attention to Loki again. I can ask you to stop terrorizing my crew, stop the fires, and let us go, however. We will not negotiate and we will not be ruled by you."

Loki smiled as Bridges made his forceful speech. "Why should I stop? You amuse me, and I want that. I need more; I need your adoration and worship. If you refuse to give me what I want then I won't let you go." He stepped backward, disappearing through the bulkhead and ending the conversation.

* * *

Paulos had been trying to read Loki during the short exchange and when the being left he looked up to the Captain. "Sir, I could sense what he felt. That is one sure indication that he is different from the Q. When you were talking to him he put up a confident front, but that was not what he truly felt. He was nervous, almost scared, and those feelings were directed towards another presence that has just joined him near the ship." He smiled, "I also felt the child-like quality we had sensed earlier. In my opinion, he is not who he claims to be."

Lebin turned to join the conversation. "Sir, I scanned the being as he was on the bridge and picked up a high frenquency transmission that originated from him. I am now picking up two such high frequency pockets near the ship."

Bridges nodded, "Keep track of those two pockets and let me know if there is any change in them. Counselor Danorium, work with the other empaths and watch for any emotions that might indicate we are in danger. Notify me if you sense anything odd." The Captain nodded once and went into his ready room.

* * *

Paulos, Maren, and Emil were laughing; they couldn't help themselves. What they were sensing from the two beings outside the ship was funny, or at least to someone on the Defiant the emotion traces were funny. The being that was new to the ship, but felt older was trying to scold the one who was calling himself Loki. The Captain would want to know about this right away, as it could possibly be dangerous even though it seemed so hilarious at the moment.

The three officers went to the bridge together, Emil and Paulos walking hand in hand. Paulos managed to include Maren on the way up in the turbolift also. He liked having physical cpontact with people, it made him calm. Captain Brdiges smiled faintly as he saw the three of them, but led them to his ready room without a word. It didn't take long for them to explain what hed been occurring between the two presences.

Lt. Commander Matute was at the Tactical station when they entered the bridge once more. Bridges had an idea that might just solve their problem for good and he nooded to her, "Commander, open hailing frequencies to the second presence."

"Frequencies opened, Sir." The viewscreen's image shifted slightly to focus on a glimmer of purple between the ship and the shield.

"This is the commanding officer of the space carft you are located near. Please resond. We believe that you have influence with the being calling himself Loki and would appreciate your help to be free of his control."

Immediately a tall, blond woman appeared between the Helm and OPS stations. She sighed loudly. "I am very sorry, I have tried to reason with him, but you know how children can be when they get a new toy." She shook her head slightly.

"But we are not a toy, this is a starship representing Starfleet and the Federation of Planets. We do not appreciate being treated as we have been, or having been placed in danger by Loki." Bridges scowled, but it had no effect on the woman.

"I understand. I will take care of the situation." She disappeared without a trace to show she had once been on the bridge. As the crew waited to see what would happen next Captain Bridges noticed the changing expressions of the empaths at his side. They loked very amused.

"She is scolding him again Captain," Maren explained.

After several minutes Loki appeared once again. He seemed upset, and didn't look up from the floor. "I have to let you go, and say I'm sorry. I don't want to, but if I don't I'll be grounded for three of your decades and all of my toys will be taken away. So... I am sorry. You can go if you want."

"The shield surrounding the ship is gone Captain, "Matute spoke up softly from behind them. Bridges nodded and continued to watch the being before him. It had started to cry.

"I just wanted you to be my friends. I don't want to be alone, I want to have someone to play with." He sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve.

The blond woman appeared again, and went to Loki's side, putting her arm around him. "It's okay, you will have friends. These little life forms are not for us though, and they must leave." She didn't look at any of the crew, but led the younger being out the front of the hull and disappeared.

Mackowick turned to the Captain, "Sir, can we get out of here now before they change their minds?"

Bridges nonned, "Set a course back to Deep Space Nine, warp six, and engage when ready." He sat in the command chair, sighing. This was something the crew would all feel better hearing. He readied a message to send to all stations and just as he was about to send it the blond woman appeared at his side once more.

"I hope that you take this as a warning. Do not come back to this system. It would be better for all of us."

Bridges nodded, "That is one thing that we can do for you." She disappeared again and he began to tell the crew about their new freedom.

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