Star Trek: Defiant

"Power Play" - Part Two

Written by Valas Maerret

The turbolift doors opened, and Takila Shuriik stepped onto the bridge. He was wearing an uncharactaristically stern visage. He approached bridge station 3 and took a seat, without a word to anyone. He would much rather have used the terminal in his office, but as it turned out, his particular task could not be done off the bridge. He would just have to be extra careful.

His facial expression seemed to have successfully scared everone off from speaking to him. Excellent. Only a nod from the bridge officer, Lebin. Good 'ol Mak doing his official business - noone with half a brain would interrupt that.

Takila Vex, he thought to himself, experimenting with his new name. No, he thought, it just doesn't flow very well. Oh well, maybe it would grow on him.

He entered his command password to access restricted files. He requested an iris scan in lieu of voice print identification. No need to give the brige crew anything to wonder about.

Next, he overrode command lockouts and accessed the priority-one communication files. He browsed through the short list. A small grin came to his face when he located the messages he was looking for.

Four messages to Starfleet headquarters, and their replies, all pertaining to Vice Admiral Schell's involvement in the nanite invasion. They were sent immediately after the initial invasion, after a Romulan defector informed the Defiant's bridge crew of Schell's traitorous activities. Schell was working with the Romulans to create the nanites with the sole intent of destroying the Federation. At least, that's what the Romulans thought.

He read the messages and chuckled to himself, realizing that he was the only one on board who knew that the replies from Starfleet were, in fact, not from Starfleet at all. As it turned out, the bridge crew of the Defiant was the only group of people aware of Admiral Schell's acts of treason.

That woud all be changed by the end of the day, he thought to himself. Soon, no one would be aware. Not Starfleet. Not the Defiant crew, and not even the Defiant's computer would remember Schell as a traitor to the Federation. He would remain a dignified and honored member of Starfleet command. That is, if all went well this day.

After about 10 minutes of work, all the files relating to Schell's involvment were either altered or deleted, and the only trace he left was Mak's log on at 0511 hours, and log off at 0521. Perfect work. Now two more difficult tasks loomed before him.

The first was the more straightforward of the two - the cerebral memory erasure. Vex wasn't exactly sure how many officers on board were aware of the good Admiral's plots. It would be tricky to isolate them all, but not impossible. Better to be safe than sorry, he decided to administer the treatment to all officers with a level 4 clearance or above. 11 officers in all.

The second task was one he was very much looking forward to attempting. The ego alterations. In select members of the crew, Schell wanted Vex to attempt to alter not only the memories, but the behaviors of the individuals. He would use basically the same equiptment and procedures, and if all went well, Schell would have the Defiant under his personal influence.

Vex knew it was all a long shot at best, but it really didn't matter. If anything didn't go as planned, Schell would simply have the Defiant destroyed.

He decided to get started immediately.

That is, until a very dangerous distraction walked onto the bridge.

The turbolift doors closed behind Catrin Kadiya as she approached Shurrik. "Mak, I've been looking for you. You seem to have forgotten about our workout scheduled for 0500."

Vex couldn't help but to be captivated by her. She was everything he had been searching for all his life. She would indeed make a perfect host. He could hear the struggling of Mak's mind, screaming to stop this intruder. This rapist.

Yes, keep kicking, Makie-boy, he thought. Too bad noone can hear you. I will have what I want. And you will witness it first hand.

"Are you busy here? Is everything ok?"

Catrin's comments snapped him out of his momentary trance. "Fine, my dear. I was just getting finished. And I would love to accompany you to the holodeck to work out. I believe a good kata is in order today?"

Catrin's momentary concern faded, and a smile came to her face as they headed off to the turbolift. Vex grinned to himself. Today's havoc wreaking would have to be put on hold. More important matters were at hand.

Mak couldn't stop screaming.

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