Star Trek: Defiant

"The Planet of Professor Migalito" - Part Two

Written by Takila "Mak" Shuriik

Lt. Ry Emeras greeted them in the transporter room with a grand sweeping gesture. "Congratulations all you lucky winners of a trip for four planetside! During your stay, please make it a point to visit the lovely sights and sounds of the horrific monsters and deadly poisonous sentient plants who will undoubtedly be trying to kill you every step of the way." She smiled grandly. The crew adjusted their digital watches in synch with the old filling station clock with the pink neon rings around it that Ry had put up in the transporter room to remind her of the lovely time she once spent at a particularly pleasant Texas truck stop.

The team was energized and soon found themselves in a swirl of Tony Curtis dental sparkles only to reappear on the small planet below. Well, small as planets go that is. Actually it was more akin to a large moon, really, except that it wasn't apparently orbiting anything, nor was anything actually in orbit around it. Some might have called it a planetoid, but few actually did these days. They liked that classifying it as either one or the other.

As soon as they landed, Lt. Cdr. Matute immediately moved her hand to her phaser: standard procedure for Security Chiefs. She quickly scanned the area and, finding herself alone, looked around in confusion. Her first thought was actually, "Damn it's hot out here!" not, "What happened to the rest of the crew?" As one might ordinarily expect. Her third thought was "Oh, no, not a bloody desert!."

* * *

In a more peaceful, temperate zone was beamed Lieutenant (jg) Mathew Marinus. He looked around him, searching for his teammates before coming to the realization that the cola he'd accidentally spilled the other day into the main transporter conduit system might have actually solved the mystery of what the "it" was in the old Terran slogan: "Coke is it!" Coke was, in fact, a powerful dissolvent of important transporter conduits.

Still, the area was quite pleasant as alien landscapes went. The lush trees, blue sky and distant rolling hills once again reminded him of Wisconsin. He reached into his pocket and withdrew Myron, his micro-computer/surveillance equipment/communications device/laser cutter and God knew what else Mak had built into the little sucker that he hadn't told him about. Sliding back a panel on the M.O.U.S.E.'s back, Marinus entered the code for the holocompass and proceeded North for no other adequately explainable reason.

* * *

Dr. Laine Rael appeared in a steamy yet aromatic jungle amid a patch of what appeared to be hibiscus. She looked, wide-eyed around her, marveling at all the dense vegetation and beautiful fragrant flowers. It was a pity Beth wasn't around to fully appreciate the dozens of unusual species just scant feet away, but hey, Beth wasn't around, she was.

Rael removed her PADD from a carrying satchel and began to take some notes. For some odd reason it didn't even dawn on her that her fellow crew had not appeared alongside her. Humming to herself, she simply began to catalog some of the brighter, prettier fauna. She had no idea how long the task would take, she only wished Jeffrey was around to share the experience. Maybe she'd bring him back some.

* * *

Lt. Commander Takila Mak was cool. Not just hip, happening and now wearing really stylish sunglasses to cut the glare from the sun's reflection off a particularly large glacier; rather, Mr. Mak's skin was beginning to border on pretty damn cold. Typical, he thought, of all the places on this rock for me to end up, it had to be the one that I'm not dressed for. His unusual metabolism and genetic structure helped ease his adjustment to extreme temperatures, but he wasn't sure how long even he could survive below zero temperatures wearing only his uniform and an incredibly sharp pair of shades.

Examining the terrain, he spotted an unusually dark patch amid the stark white of the snow and ice. He hoped it was a cave or an igloo or a some sort of a cleverly concealed sauna-filled Gentleman's Club where scantily-clad women would serve him hot alcohol-filled drinks so he could thaw out a bit. As he walked toward it he muttered that he really must get around to building himself another M.O.U.S.E. -- one that could somehow turn into a nifty down-filled parka.

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