Star Trek: Defiant

"The Planet of Professor Migalito" - Part Five

Written by Takila "Mak" Shuriik

"Captain, we're picking up something from the planet's temperate zone," called Lebin.

"Is it them?"

"Tough to say for sure, since there's only one. I couldn't tell you who or what it is."

"Monitor that blip and notify me if there's any change in position."

"Aye, Sir."

* * *

Meanwhile, back on the planet below, three of the Defiant's intrepid crewmembers lay strapped to tables beneath brightlaboratory lights. Hobbling around, muttering to himself, was a strange little man in a soiled lab coat and large grey rubber gloves. He wore an ancient earth device on his face called "spectacles," which he periodically pushed back up the bridge of his moderately small nose.

Pausing momentarily to survey the specimens that his "pets" had brought him from the various weather zones, Professor Ludavico Migalito ran a hand through one of the tufted tangles of greyish-white hair that poked out from either side of his head.

"Fascinatink," he said in a moderately thick accent.

"What that, master?" asked a short, reptillian creature who suddenly appeared near the professor's kneecaps.

"These people are completely alien to our world. Self-contained genetic codes, no synthetically bonded nucleic acid strands... and this one..." he moved by Matute, "is a marvel! Protean DNA configurations!!!"

The creature looked up at him quizzically as most of the unusual inhabitants of Migalito's world often did, none haveing the slightest clue what the old man was babbling about. To them, the concept of structurally diverse DNA made as much sense as why martinis were periodically called "dry" when they obviously got you quite wet from spilling them on your shirt after having drunk too many.

"Larry eat now, master?" the lizard creature asked. Absorbed in his fascination with his new subject, Migalito just waved off Larry who went munch a nearby haunch of meat that hung from a ceiling hook and chain.

Then Migalito turned, his face lowered. "Larry," he asked, "I thought you said there was a fourth subject... from the arctic zone?"

The creature paused, his lips smacking over sharp fangs. "Him not here yet, master, Bobo go for him."

Migalito's eyes grew wide. He hoped Bobo wouldn't do any lasting damage to whatever life form had appeared there. The others were such splendid specimens he considered just extracting some genetic samples and making clones from them to work on instead while leaving the originals intact.

Mr. Mak looked out of the cave to see where the howl had come from while simltaneously basking in the warmth of the Jurassic equivalent of a central heating system and suddenly decided he was a bit hungry. It had been awhile since he landed and had no clue as to the whereabout of the rest of the team. He removed some rations from his travel pack and began to have lunch. Hardly prime rib, but still functional.

He removed his tricorder to take an updated reading. Not that he needed to because the smell of fetid breath and the sound of a low growl just beforehand was enough to tell him he wasn't alone. He looked up towards the entrance of the cave once again just in time to see what appeared to be a giant polar bear. Not terribly strange, he thought, except for the fact that the beast had essentially the body of a man -- a very large, muscular man. Well, that is except for the head and the wicked set of teeth.

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