Star Trek: Defiant

"The Planet of Professor Migalito" - Part Seven

Written by Takila "Mak" Shuriik

Back aboard the Defiant, Captain Bridges would have been pacing had he the use of his legs. As it happened, he settled for hovering around his desk, pondering the away team's current situation. He asked Lebin to try to track the away team by their comm badges, but Lebin told him there was an atmospheric diturbance causing the channels to become garbled. It never failed. So he tapped his own comm badge.

"Bridges to Kliemann."

"Kliemann here."

"Number One, I need to see you in my ready room."

"I'm on my way."

Minutes later, the android arrived and the two officers began discussing both the current situation and a viable solution. Bridges preferred not risk additional crew if it weren't necessary, but then considering the alternatives, there wasn't enormous choice. Some time later he tapped his badge again.

"Ry, here,"

"Emeras, how is that transporter system coming?"

"Sir, the main network circuitry still seems a bit off. We've experienced some corrosion and several shorts." Bridges cursed silently.

"Alright, keep at it and let me know the moment it's operational."

"Aye, Sir."

"I'll go," said Kliemann finally. "My design will give me a great advantage as far as weather conditions and for any possible emergency work."

"Very well, take K'larn and Clark with you. Make sure you're armed. We don't know what you may be up against."

"Wouldn't it be better to bring Kadiya with us?" Kliemann asked. "I understand she's been trained for rescue situations."

"I've got one Novachron missing, I'd prefer not to release another. I'm going to need her aboard the Defiant. Besides, Mak told me Mr. Clark could use some field work. This is the perfect opportunity."

"Aye, Sir." And with that, Kliemann departed.

A short time later, the crewmen assembled in the shuttlebay, Clark had the Neil Armstrong fired up and ready to go. Naturally, his first choice was to use the Enforcer, but he recalled a warning Mak had given him shortly after his promotion to Ensign: "...if you put so much as a scratch on it, I'll use your hide to buff it out." Just as K'larn finished handing out weapons, they were halted by Ensign Tyrell. K'larn glared at her. Now was not a time for farewells.

"Great timing, guys," she said.

"What are you talking about?" asked Clark.

"You didn't leave without me." The men looked at her as if she were crazy. They turned to Kliemann for support.

"The Captain said it would be good for a scientist to accompany us, just in case."

K'larn just frowned and stormed back into the shuttle.

"This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Mak's there does it?" Clark asked. Tyrell smiled.

"Just concerned with the well being of my crewmates," she winked. "And then, of course, there's the scientific perspective."

Clark shook his head. "Odds are good we're going down there to kick some serious butt, not hold any telepathic conversations with semi-intelligent plant-life about why they chose to be blue on a particular day."

"Dan, when we get back, would you like me to tell Mak you were holding up this mission or will you?"

Clark just looked at her evenly, surprised at her reply. Maybe the old man was starting to rub off on her? "Make sure you've got your gear. We're taking off in 5 minutes." He then went to join K'larn and Kliemann.

* * *

Mak searched for a door or opening device of some sort but had little luck. The wall didn't sound really thick but he didn't have tools to cut through it... or did he? Having fully adjusted his Sinanju-trained trained eyes now to such a point where he could see in the dark perhaps better than your ordinary house cat, he looked down at his officer's phaser and his tricorder. Then, pulling out his sonic cpanner from his boot, he quickly uncovered their containment panels and rerouted a few wires and circuits. Ten minutes later, he held both devices in his right hand, coupled together like a pair of 20th century hard disk drives. "Hope this works," he thought. "'Cause if not, what's left of me won't even be able to get a good job as a stalagmite."

Mak pushed the fire button on the phaser and it was jump started by the power cells of the very fresh tricorder. The glow of the concealed, and now melting, metal wall in front of him illuminated the wide grin that was his trademark.

* * *

The shuttle landed on a soft, yet fairly firm surface (if such a thing were conceivable) in the temperate zone near where Lebin had remarked he received a blip from the sensor readings. It was not unlike parking on the surface of an extremely large dry sponge.

The second away team stepped out and Tyrrel scanned the area for lifeforms. There were a some, but none that seemed any potential threat or any that were so big that they came up as the really big, fast beeping blips that told you only had enough time too look up just before some great bloody behemoth swallowed you whole.

Then, another blip flared, not far from them, whose data was identical to that which Lebin discovered earlier. That was the direction they went. They came to a clump of trees and a numerous large bushes from where the signature appeared to be eminating. Kliemann motioned to Clark and K'larn, telling them to "flank the bush," with no concern for just how potentially naughty his order sounded to Clark who cracked the smallest of smiles. Guns trained on the bush, Kliemann led them in.

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