Star Trek: Defiant

"The Planet of Professor Migalito" - Part Eight

Written by Takila "Mak" Shuriik

Back in Migalito's lab, the professor held up a rack of test tubes. Despite the current standards in Federation technology, Migalito had an amazing array of equipment that gave teh lab the appearance of a deranged alchemy shop.

"Excellent," he whispered to himself, his voice begionning to rise in pitch with his excitement. "These DNA samples allow me to create my super race with which to rule the galaxy!"

"Oh, no," Marinus mumbled. "Not another looney who wants to take over the galaxy."

"How cliche, eh?" Rael replied.

On the nearby table, Jen Matute's teeth chattered, giving her difficulty with her speech. Shortly after she was captured, she tried to liquify and creep from her bonds to free the others, but one Migalito's assistants, a weasel-faced creature with a distinct lisp, caught her with a Sears Shop-Vac and she was summarily sprayed with a liquid oxygen derivative that kept her in place until she was strapped back down -- a powerful cooling system attached to the table to keep her from being able to morph.

"Looney???" cried Migalito, "You beautiful fools! Have you no concept of what you're going to be a part of?"

"A really sick game of Twister?" Marinus replied.

Migalito laughed maniacally. "You all will become the basis for my greatest experiment! For years, decades even, I have sought to create a master race that would aid me in my dream of galactic conquest. My "children" who you brought you here, and who you have seen assist me, are the prototypes. Milestones in my quest for the perfect creature, the right blend of DNA that will allow me to surpass Galileo, Einstein, Hawking and even Zarg the Utterly Brilliant in the scientific pantheon. I will become a virtual God!!!" Migalito laughed even more maniacally, wishing in the back of his mind that he'd installed a really fancy stereo system so he could have activated it at that very moment and played the sound of punctuative thunder crashing.

Marinus rolled his eyes while Rael muttered to him, "You're right. He is a looney."

"Ah, my dear Eve, for that's what you really are now -- the virtual mother of a new race -- you'll soon change your attitude when you and the new Adam behold the first of your children."

Migalito skipped over to a large curtain which he yanked off. Rael, Marinus and Jen, who found it a very opportune time to stop chattering, all gasped at the sight of the being kept inside of the liquid-filled chamber before them. It was tall and muscular, in a semi-fetal position, small hoses attached to his slightly crinkled Bajoranesque nose. The professor flicked a switch and it appeared to the crew members as if its skin shimmered, not unlike Jen's did when she changed shape.

"Behold!!!" cried Migalito proudly.

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