Star Trek: Defiant

"The Planet of Professor Migalito" - Part Nine

Written by Takila "Mak" Shuriik

Mak found a passageway which he followed to what appeared to be an elevator. He pressed the button an dstepped aside, waiting for something to happen. Not that he hoped for much to happen having just had way to much actually occur within the past ten minutes, but he supposed it was better than pressing a button and then waiting patiently for absolutely nothing. As luck would have it, something did happen. In fact, it was exactly what he wanted to happen: the door slid open to reveal some sort of transport pod.

Mak peered carefully inside before entering. He ran his tricorder briefly and, detecting no anomalies, proceeded inside. He noticed a string of buttons numbered normally enough and pressed the one marked with an "L", presumable for 'lobby' as his experience with most elevators had taught him.

What even he wasn't prepared for, was the startling lurch the carriage gave, nearly plastering him against the side of the wall. He felt not unlike a giant pinball as his speed increased. Well, whoever built the contraption certainly had a lot to learn about inertial dampeners.

* * *

The secondary away team, meanwhile, had found the source of their blip reading. It was a creature unlike that which they'd seen in a day or so. It was Marinus' M.O.U.S.E. which had been apparently dropped when he was captured. Yet, the coincidence of the small robot's position on the ground next to a large metal plate would prove to be quite possibly the most invaluable happenstance this particular team could have hoped at that precise moment.

Clark bent down to pick up the mechanoid as K'larn and Kliemann covered him in the strange event that something unexpected might happen. The logic of that very expectation, therefore caused the cosmos to shift at just the right angle so as to have actually prevented anything unexpected from suddenly happening.

Tyrell, seeing all was apparently safe, gently tapped the plate with her foot, causing a humming noise beneath the plate which acted to announce that a cage of some sort was about to rise from the ground in anticipation of their descent below. Had Marinus been there, he could have already told them that, of course, having been through it himself. But unlike him, they were, however, not the sudden prisoners of a strange moose-like creature.

* * *

In the laboratory, Professor Migalito beamed at his creation with an insane pride that would have made Colin Clive proud. The Defiant crew members, however, felt uncontrollable stomach-churning uneasiness at the sight of the result of their gene pools suddenly having been splashed together.

Resisting the automatic temptation to say something appropriately cliche like, "You're mad!" Rael contented herself by simply turning her head and emptying the contents of her stomach on the unfortunate Larry who had been standing bewteen her and Marinus' holding tables.

Startling the creature from his reverie at the interesting cellular formations on her distinctly female chest, having never actually seen one before, Larry jumped backwards, in a mad flurry, accidentally pulling the plug and deactivating the cooling device that kept Matute from shapeshifting. Marinus noticed, however, and gave Jen the classic "look" as if to say, "Do you realize that the odds of that particular piece of luck were approximately 3 to the power of 216,000 to one against of happening?"

His gaze, was responded to by Jen appropriately with a look of her own which said, "Yes, isn't that just the most amazingly, improbably wonderful thing that could have happened right now. Gimme a sec and I'll soon morph myself out of here and then set you and the good Doctor both free."

Obliviously distracted from what was going on, Migalito kept talking to his creation as if it could actually hear him. Meanwhile, Jen had krept over to Marinus and Rael and opened the locks to the shackles that bound them. Carefully they worked their way out of their bonds. Larry, by then, however, had cleared the vomit from his head and began to make a fuss.

"Free, Master, free!" he shouted, leaping up an down. "They go!"

Migalito turned, but by then, the crew were off their tables and loose in the lab.

"So," the professor shouted, "You think you can escape me, in my moment of triumph??!" Migalito reached into his pocket and pulled out some sort of remote control device. With the push of a button, several walls parted to reveal cages filled with previous attempts at creating a super race. These were all human/animal hybrids and in various states of mental stability -- all of which were shaky at best. Tiger men, boar men, seal, snake and veal men all walked, sauntered, lumbered and slunk from their cages...visibly hungry and ticked off.

Marinus looked all around him for a weapon. Rael sought her medical bag and Jen sprang for Migalito, literally, causing Marinus to hum in his mind for the quickest nanosecond: for fun it's a wonderful Jen. Mathew and Rael went back to back and Jen, coiled around Migalito shouted to the rest of the abominations. By now she resembled more snake herself than female.

"Stand back all of you or, so help me, the professor gets squished!"

One of the creatures, a wolf man, in its most literal sense, paused and spoke in a gruff voice. "That is our maker. We were made to serve him. Harm him and we will harm you!"

Jen's human head scanned around to find them particularly outnumbered and still without weapons. She figured in a commotion she could easily morph into some strange creature and adequately avoid detection, but what of Rael and Marinus? Jen frowned.

"Alright, Professor, you got what you needed from us, what say you just let us go and we call it even?" said Jen.

Migalito laughed. "Impossible. From you I will need a steady supply of genetic material to make my creatures, particularly from the female. You see, we have no women on this planet and the eggs are most valuable to my work." Rael looked over to him horrified. "The male is of no great use anymore as we have enough of our own here to use with her." Then it was Marinus' turn to be horrified.

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