Star Trek: Defiant

"Ode to Green Putty" - Part One

Written by Mathew Marinus

Ensign Marinus stood looking at himself in the mirror. He had a smile on his face and was trying to brush phantom wrinkles off of his new uniform. The promotion to Ensign had been the first surprise of many for Mathew when he first reported back to Starfleet after his medical leave. He found out that most of the crew had been reassigned to a new Defiant and that the Captain had chosen him as the ships new Runabout Chief. All the new responsibilities felt like a heavy weight on his shoulders but the Captain's departing word's of encouragement and support still echoed in his mind. The chime to the room's door suddenly went off. "Enter" he said as he continued to adjust his uniform. As he turned towards the door, he heard a familiar voice.

"Kid, if you keep brushing the uniform like that your going to rub a hole in it". The voice belonged to Lt. Mak who stood leaning against the door way with a smile on his face.

"I just want to look good for my first day as the new Runabout chief" responded Mathew who turned and started to walk towards the door.

"I know, Mathew, and you have a right to be nervous on this new assignment but I can tell you one thing. The Captain would of never given you the responsibility if he didn't think that you could handle it." During his speech Mak had slowly backed up and out of the room as Mathew had approached him. Mak continued to talk as they began to walk down the corridor.

"Remember these words of advice, Mathew and you should do fine. Just because you are in charge doesn't mean that you are always correct."

"I will try and remember that peal of wisdom, Mak" responded Mathew as they approached the doors to a turbolift.

"Well this is were we go our separate ways, kid, good luck and I will see you in Eight forward for drinks after your shift, okay?" asked Mak.

"Thank-you and I will see you there", replied Mathew, who entered the turbolift. The doors slide close and with just a little bit of nervousness in his voice Mathew announced, "Runabout Bay" and the turbolift began it's decent.

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