Star Trek: Defiant

"Ode to Green Putty" - Part Two

Written by Mathew Marinus

Ensign Mathew Marinus approached the door to the Runabout bay and after one deep breath, walked inside. The Room was full of activity. Two runabouts, the Euphrates and the Rebellion, were the center of attention. Mathew had just started to walk towards the ships when Midshipman Porter noticed his approach. "Good morning Chief" responded the Midshipman as he, and the rest of the crew in the Runabout bay came to attention.

"Relax everyone", responded Mathew in a raised voice to catch everyone's attention. "I believe that we can skip the more formal military protocols and still get the work done okay." Mathew's response brought a smile to most of the engineering crew, which began to disperse and continue on with their work.

"How is the repair work going on the Euphrates and the Rebellion, Midshipman Porter?", asked Mathew.

"Everything is going fine Chief", replied the Midshipman. "The Euphrates had no real damage done to it and we were just about to take it off the maintenance roster and put it back into service. The Rebellion on the other hand had quit a bit of damage to it, internally and externally. The internal damage was easy to fix but the external damage to the hull has been hard to repair." As the midshipman had been talking, he had taken Mathew on a walking tour of the two ships leaving them standing besides the Rebellion.

"What exactly seems to be the problem with the Rebellion's hull", asked Mathew.

"It has this green putty substance in all the hull breaches and we can't seem to get it out of the holes so we can patch them, chief. Midshipman Talla is going to try and burn the substance off with acid." Porter directed Mathew's attention towards a female Midshipman who was pouring a clear liquid into a hole on the side of the Rebellion. After all the liquid was poured into the hole, Talla bent over to get a better look at the hole and the Putty's reaction to the acid. As soon as the Midshipman reached eye level with the hole their was a loud Whooosing noise. Green putty flew out of the hole and entirely engulfed the midshipman. The putty conformed to the Midshipman's shape and started to pulse from green to light green in color. Then as sudden as it arrived, the green putty collapsed to a puddle on the floor of the Runabout Bay and started to flow towards Mathew and Midshipman Porter.

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