Star Trek: Defiant

"Ode to Green Putty" - Part Three

Written by Mathew Marinus

Ensign Marinus turned around and started running towards the back of the Rebellion, dragging Midshipman Porter behind him. Mathew tapped his communicator and yelled into it.

"Security, Intruder alert to the Main Runabout Bay! Attention all Runabout personal, evacuate the Runabout Bay Now!" As Mathew and Porter cleared the back of the Rebellion, Mathew peaked over his shoulder to look back at the Green Putty. The Putty had begun to climb up the side of the Runabout until it eventually covered the entire ship. By that time Mathew and Porter had reached the Runabout Bay's control room. As the room's door closed, Mathew's communicator beeped and the Captain's voice rolled out.

"Ensign Marinus, What is going on down there?" Mathew Breathing hard, tapped his communicator and responded.

"Captain, A Green Putty like substance has seemed to come to life down here. It was located in a damaged section of the Rebellion's hull. We lost Midshipman Talla, sir." After a slight silence, the Captain replied.

"Understood Ensign, Commanders Hardin and Matute will be right down, with a security team, to assist you, Bridges out". Mathew looked over towards Midshipman Porter who's hands were flying across a computer terminal.

"What does the computer have to say about the Green putty?" he asks.

"The computer can't seem to identify the Putty, let alone, it's structural make up, Chief. All that the computer can tell us is that the Putty is growing at an accelerating pace. It will expand past the Runabout Bay in a half hour and in one hour it will expand to encompass the entire ship." Mathew turned his head towards the Putty and wondered how they could stop it. As he watched the Putty, Mathew noticed that a small section of it, located by the Rebellion's port Nacelle was no longer moving and had taken on a sickening dark green color. Mathew reached out and tapped Midshipman Porter's shoulder.

"Porter, have the computer analysis the part of the Putty located over the Rebellion's port nacelle and report it's findings." Porter's head turned up from the computer terminal and took a quick look at the area that Mathew was referring to before he focused his attention back towards the computer terminal.

"Chief , the computer says that the Putty is not expanding in that area and it is actually contracting", responded Porter.

"What is wrong with the Port Nacelle Porter", asked Marinus.

"Well, it has a slight coolant leak, chief", replied Porter.

"That's it then Porter, I bet heat awaken the Putty and cold will put it back into hibernation. Flood the Runabout Bay with Nitrogen", voiced Mathew with excitement. Porter reached over and hit a button on his computer terminal. A quiet hissing noise started to fill the inside of the Runabout Bay.

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