Star Trek: Defiant

"Ode to Green Putty" - Conclusion

Written by Mathew Marinus

Commander Hardin and Lt. Commander Matute stood outside the doors to the Runabout Bay. A security team waited behind them. After a few seconds Commander Hardin quickly raised and lowered his hand which signaled Lt. Commander Matute to Manuel throw open the doors to the Runabout Bay. The security team quickly rushed into the Runabout bay, with the commanders following. In the center of the room stood a group of engineers. Their heads were tilted down looking at something. Commander Hardin cleared his voice to get there attention and then asked.

"What is going on?" In the center of the group Ensign Mathew Marinus poked up his head and moved forward towards Commander Hardin. In his hand was a one foot by one foot level three containment device which seemed quit full with green putty.

"Well, sir", responded Mathew, "We managed to capture the green putty and were trying to figure out what to do with it."

"Has the computer come up with a classification for the Green Putty yet, Ensign", ask Lt. Commander Matute.

"Yes", replied Mathew. "The computer says that observations of the Green Putty's actions imply that it's nature is animalistic."

"Then, I suggest you take it to Midshipman Maren Elias the ship's Veterinarian and let her study the Green Putty." Ordered Commander Hardin.

"Yes, sir", responded Mathew, who walked towards the doors and exited the Runabout Bay.

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