Star Trek: Defiant

"Queued" - Part Five

Written by Laine Rael

The group came upon a slight ridge, their instruments registering that the hostile group was on the other side. It seemed to be preparing to attack. The first line of troops appeared just at the crest. They were huge, with animallike snouts and tusks. They seemed to be looking for the enemy.

Suddenly, arrows began streaking out of the woods to the right of the group, and forms darted out to face the ogres. The wood elves cheered as they forced their enemy back. Some of them looked very familiar -- Rael picked out Jen, Adam, Maren, Barak, and Judah on first glance; Catrin noticed Serrin, Myah, Kílarn, Kamiana and Alexa.

"I cannot do this," a voice said. Paulos was behind them, dressed much as the other wood elves, and looking very perplexed. "Why must they die?" he said. "They have a right to be here as much as we -- I mean, the elves -- do."

"Itís all part of Q's little game," Jeffrey said to him grimly. "Iím guessing we'll have to fight our way out. Although I wouldnít worry too much about actually harming anyone -- it seems that these are fictional creatures."

"Perhaps I could shed some light on this, Captain," Scott said, who was crouched in the forest -- painfully -- behind them. He had inadvertently destroyed many of the trees, but for now, he was invisible to the attackers. Paulos jumped with a little cry, but recognized the voice as Scott's. "This setting appears to come from a set of novels by a particular Earth author -- R.A. Salvatore. However, Salvatore wrote several dozen novels -- this world, and our appearance, seems to be haphazardly drawn from a number of them, in no particular order."

"I was afraid of this," Jeffrey sighed.

The crew looked at him. Jeffrey smiled. "Salvatore is one of my favorite authors," he said. "Q must have taken the knowledge from me. This explains many things."

"Have any idea how we're supposed to end this?" Mak asked him.

"There was much bloodshed in the series," Scott said. "I would guess that we have to fight our way out, as the captain suggested."

"All right," Jeffrey said. "Let's get moving."

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