Star Trek: Defiant

"Rebirth" - Part One

Written by Brian Bedard

The planet was called ShadowWorld by it's inhabitants. A nether world that only sees the light of day for a week every five hundred years. It's next scheduled return, six days.

The huge room was silent. Dark and gloomy, the laboratory was only one of many equipped to handle carbon based life forms. Two tall spindly forms glided over to a door made of stone, which seemed to melt open as the pair came near it. The strange beings floated down a vaulted sandstone hallway and entered a room that was used to control the entire complex. Six more beings like the newcomers manned various stations. An extremely tall being, reaching three meters, stood.

"Speak." he said in high pitched voice, which to humans would sound remarkably like songbirds.

"The subjects will do. They all have the aptitude and the frame of mind."

"Two of them especially, have the ability to do as we wish." The newcomers spoke in tandem.

"Good, it is nearly time for the awakening," the tall one said, "Return them."

The foggy haze began to clear up. Captain Jeffrey Bridges found himself laying on the floor of his quarters. He tried, but could not remember what happened.

"Bridges to the bridge." the captain said.

"Hardin, here. Let me guess, you just woke up from a seven year sleep and you have no idea what happened."

"Good guess, Commander. Is it shipwide?" Bridges asked.

"Looks like it. Bedard reports Engineering staff have checked all systems, she's still purring," Hardin said, "Sickbay, and all decks have checked in, every last crewman, excuse me, crewperson reports the same thing."

"Interesting, have Wolfrom start a sector sweep, find out what just happened to us. I'll be on the bridge momentarily."

The lift doors opened and Bridges stepped onto the bridge. Hardin vacated the center seat. As Bridges sat down, Wolfrom reported, "Captain, scans indicate no vessels in the area. Also nothing in the sector seems to have affected us."

"Myah, file it under Miscellaneous." Bridges said. The comm board lit up. Adam Lebin tapped a space transferring communications duty to Ops and reported.

"Incoming, Priority One message from Starfleet." Lebin said.

Hardin and Bridges looked at each other. Hardin said, "Priority One, you know what that means."

Bridges nodded. "War."

Commander John Hardin followed his commanding officer into the captain's ready room. He stood by as Bridges gave his security clearance to receive the message. The image of the Federation flag was replaced by Admiral Alyanna Necheyev.

"Captain, The Cardassians and the Romulans have made several aggressive moves against each other in the past day or two. Word has just come from the Cardassians that they have declared war on the Romulans. We have no intention of interfering. At this time, the Klingons have not given any word as to where they stand.. Hopefully they won't join the fracas. A major battle has recently started in the vicinity of Bajor. Starfleet Command has dispatched a fleet to the Bajoran border of Federation space. The Fleet's job is to prevent any warring factions from taking the war into the Federation. Captain, The Defiant is to report to Fleet Captain Marta Batanides aboard her flagship, USS Lakota, Best speed. And Captain, Starfleet Intelligence thinks that the Dominion orchestrated this conflict. Keep an eye on your changeling. Starfleet out."

Hardin spoke up, "Captain, you don't believe Jen would--"

Bridges cut him off, "I certainly do not. The Iron Maiden's being a little paranoid." The two senior officers of USS Defiant left the ready room and re-entered the bridge. Bridges stopped suddenly. Lieutenant Wolfrom was standing over the body of Adam Lebin. She looked up.

"Captain, he just keeled over. He's unconscious, but alive."

"Get him to Sick--" Bridges was cut off by an comm call.

"Bridge, this is Barak. Chief Bedard just collapsed."

"What's going on here?" Bridges asked.

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