Star Trek: Defiant

"Rebirth" - Conclusion

Written by Brian Bedard

The nursery chirped and peeped as eggs cracked open and new beings came into the world of light. The nurse was overwhelmed, there were nearly three times the number of eggs that successfully hatched this Awakening than the previous. The beings of ShadowWorld were off to a great generation.

Captain Bridges stood in the office of Vice Admiral Rittenhouse, head of Starfleet Security. Bridge's court-martial had returned saying that the destruction of the Defiant was not Bridges' fault. Bridges had felt confident, court-martials were mandatory whenever a ship is lost. Now he waited for Rittenhouse to re-assign him and his crew. Rittenhouse entered and gestured for Bridges to sit.

"Captain, my people have been interviewing your crew. I must say that no one else I know has been able to distill the sense of loyalty you have. Except maybe for Captain Picard, but then again, he taught you everything you know." Rittenhouse sat back in his chair.

"It is my judgment that you be given a new ship. Just try to keep in intact, please. You and your senior staff report to Drydock 7 at Utopia Planetia in eight hours, your new command awaits. One last thing, your chief engineer and operations officer have been cleared of mutiny charges. Admiral Chang has given me permission to promote several of your officers. Here's a list."

Rittenhouse handed a padd to Bridges who glanced it over.

"Thank you, Admiral." Bridges said.

"Oh, and Captain, I only thought it fair to tell you. Lt. Cmdr. Shinika, Ensign Kara T'ain, and Midshipman William Clark have filed for transfer. They expressed doubts about your command ability and requested other assignments. Dismissed."

Bridges nodded to the Vice Admiral and departed.

Captain Jeffrey Bridges was filled with anticipation. He and his senior staff were aboard Shuttle Ochre enroute to Drydock 7. Rittenhouse said that they be getting a new ship. She was out there up ahead aways. He could hardly wait to get aboard.

"It'll be a ore frigate." Hardin said, "After that fiasco, we were lucky to still have uniforms."

"A ship's a ship." Bridges said.

"Have you heard about the new Sovereigns they're cranking out. Enterprise-E was such a success that they've built more of them." Bedard said, "They're supposed to have some new technology that allows for the collection of atomic particles through the nacelle struts. I even heard talk of putting abolative armor on them. Four quantum torpedo tubes. Whew."

The shuttle dipped under the saucer of the USS Hood in for repairs. Up ahead the crew saw a ship all by itself, running lights off. As Shuttle Ochre approached. The crew was overcome when the lights popped on revealing a Sovereign Class vessel. Bridges jaw dropped when the shuttle came around and he saw the name of his new ship. USS Defiant NCC 74205-A

"Well I'll be" Hardin mused.

"Gentleman, and ladies," Bridges said, "The adventure continues..."

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