Star Trek: Defiant

"Stereotypes Broken" - Part 1C

Written by Valas Maerret

The main bridge is bustling with activity as Lt. Commander Jennifer Matute steps off the turbolift. Officers are carrying sensor readouts and tactical reports to various personnel. The Captain stands in the center of the bridge looking over the latest padd.

"Very well," he says, handing the report back to crewman Clark. "Do you have a fix yet?"

Lt. Commander Lebin replies sternly, "Yes, sir. Three subspace contacts bearing 201 mark 325. Roughly 80,000 tons each. Speed warp 4. Intercept now in 5 minutes."

The chief of security, after making her way to the center of the bridge, tries to get the Captain's attention. "Sir, I think we've found who was respon..."

"Not now, Jen," the Captain, busy with matters at hand, interrupts. "Cloak status."

Barak responds "Cloak operating normally, at 3.3 cochranes field stress."

"Very well. Go to yellow alert." The Captain looks to Commander Matute, "Relieve Shneider at tactical, please. Now if they would quit ducking behind moons and nebulae along this erratic path they're following, we just might be able to catch them."

Commander Hardin glances at a tactical readout, "These guys sure have their routine down of getting from place to place in this sector. Where are they headed now?"

Lebin responds, "It looks like they're headed for a convoy on route back to the Delis system."

Hardin glances to the Captain with a look of concern.

Bridges acknowledges the implication, "Bridge to engineering. Give me maximum speed now. Time to intercept?"

"Three minutes, 30 seconds."

* * *

The Captain of the freighter Tuigan's Way sits at ease with his shipmates playing a game of Terran rummy when the annoying sound of the intercom signals.

"Hey, um Dave, I think you better get up here," the voice squeaks over the intercom.

"Jerry, if this is another of your attempts at adding a hint of excitement and control over your otherwise boring life, then when I get up there, I'm gonna personally blow you out of the nearest airlock."

"...uh... I don't think so, Dave," the voice responds with sincere nervousness.

The burly Captain gets up from his chair and lazily begins to make his way to the conn. "Lord Jesus, last time it was a trio of naked Deltans off the port bow; now its probably Charlemagne's lost floating-city-of-gold itself."

* * *

"Will we reach them before they intercept the convoy?" Hardin asks.

Lebin responds, "Yes, sir. Intercept now two minutes."

"Very well. Prepare to... " Bridge's order is cut off by the sudden jolt of the ship accomponied by a drop out of warp.


"Bedard to conn, we've had a partial lockup of the injectors."

"Can you restart the system?" Bridges asks desperately.

"Negative, sir. The best I can give you now is warp 3. Damage like this will require at least a week in space dock. The anti-tritium is still affecting the core - I'm suprised it lasted this long."

The Captain, refusing to give up, states "What about a shuttle - can a Runabout reach them in time?"

Hardin responds "It'll be close..."

* * *

The scrawny crewman stands in the cluttered bridge looking intently through a viewport as the Captain walks in, drinking his favored ale.

"What the hell is it, Jerry?" The Captain asks.

The crewman points to the sensor readouts, "That!"

The Captain, after pondering the data for a minute, states, "Well, we'll hail 'em when they get in range, otherwise, continue on course."

"But, Dave, I think we should at least send out a general distress."

"There ya go again over-reactin'. The last time... " His words cut short by the distinct sound of a hail from one of the other convoy ships "... yeah, Brinkley here."

One of the other Captain's excited voice rings over the comm channel, "Dave! I think those are those pirate ships we've been alerted about! I'm gettin' the hell out of here!"

"Now, dammit, Johnson, we've got to stick together!"

Jerry's shaky voice cuts in, "Dave, I think another ship has appeared. It's big! And there are several smaller vessles coming in! Let's get out of here!"

"Lord Jesus, quit pissing yourself! And get us on course out of here... for once I agree with you!"

* * *

"Rebellion to Defiant, the convoy's breaking up, and the pirate vessles have accelerated to warp 6. No doubt they see us. But we're allready pushing it here - there's no way we're gonna reach them in time."

The bridge crew of the Defiant could do nothing but watch as the pirate ships entered weapon's range of the helpless convoy. In sixty seconds, it was all over.

* * *

"All of our Runabouts have been recovered," Hardin relays to the Captain who stands facing out of his ready room window, staring at the indecent view. "They report no survivors. The pirate ships are now out of sensor range, last known heading was away from Delis. Engineering reports no changes."

"Very well," Captain Bridges responds evenly. "Has the Yamato arrived to aid in the patrol zone?"

"She should arrive at Delis within the hour."

"Advise her that we will be withdrawing from patrol to initiate repairs. Set course for Starbase 13."

"Aye, sir. Also, scans indicate most of the cargo from the convoy seems to have been hastily beamed out." Hardin takes a long look out the window, "We've spent so much time looking for these raiders. And when we finally found them, we couldn't even stop them."

The Captain simply nods. He then turns and walks out on to the bridge, stopping in front of his trusted head of security.

"Commander Matute, I believe you were telling me you found who was responsible for our engine failure..."

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