Star Trek: Defiant

"Stereotypes Broken" - Part 2E

Written by Valas Maerret

Colonel Graff stands defiantly over the two captured men. The Nausicaan soon arrives with a third.

"Together again, huh?" Hardin asks to Mak and Harvey as he is thrust to the ground beside them by the Nausicaan."

"Wouldn't miss it," Mak returns, still coughing from his earlier stuggles.

"There were two others," Graff remarks. "An officer of the facility and a Romulan. Where are they?"

One of his men responds, "The Terran is dead. He was vaporized in Control Room C. The Romulan was stunned and left to be collected later, but when we returned, he was gone."

"Find him. In the mean time, put these three in with the others in bunker UL5. And set up Phobos to deal with those two starships moving into firing position."

* * *

Lieutenant Commander Mackowick stands in the center of the main bridge of the Defiant, darkened to the crimson red of battle alert. They were in postion, with the U.S.S. Herald, to destroy the key transporter scrambling sites. Captain Bridges, along with several other senior officers, had left for earth when the Defiant first arrived at the station for repairs. There had not not yet been time for their return.

Lieutenant Friese stands ready behind tactical, "Phasers charged and ready, configuration Gamma-1 for precision strike."

Mackowick turns to Friese after receiving confirmation from The Herald. "Begin firing sequence," he states with bold conviction. He knew he would most likely be the cause of hundreds of lives here and now. But than pales in comparison indeed to the millions that would be saved.

"Aye," Friese responds evenly. "Targeting sequentially structures UL1 through UL6. Firing."

The officer at ops begins reporting results. "Target 1 destroyed. Target 2 destroyed. Target..."

His words were cut off as Friese interrupts urgently, "Object de-cloaking 30 degrees starboard! It's firing missles!"

Mackowick's suprise didn't slow his response. "Evasive manuevers! Get us out of orbit!"

The helmsmen didn't even bother to reply while fiercely inputing commands. For once Mackowick had to put his trust in someone else. He didn't know if he liked that too much.

"The Herald has taken direct hits with four Falcon missles," Friese states.

A second later, the viewscreen erupts with a fireball that was once the U.S.S. Herald.

The Defiant was already heading away a flank speed before Friese states, "Another volley is coming in! Bearing 175 mark 2!"

"Bridge to engineering, please tell me the warp engines are back on line!"

"Negative. They were in the middle of repairs when we left spacedock and are totally stripped down."

"I'll need everything you've got, then."

"Aye, sir - I'll get you to .93c in 5 seconds."

* * *

"Confirmed, sir," an officer on board the Utopia Orbital Station relays to her commander. "We are tracking four more Falcon missles locked on Defiant - intercept in 30 seconds."

"Give them some cover!"

Phaser fire erupts from the station, attempting to destroy the missles. Falcon missles, however, were developed by starfleet to evade such attempts at interception. And by the time they were out of phaser range of the station, three were still in pursuit of The Defiant.

* * *

"Reconfigure phaser firing to Tau-1," Mackowick orders desperately.

Friese responds, "Aye. Phasers now set to rapid-fire intercept. Targets in range in 15 seconds."

"Give us some cover with antimatter torpedoes!"

"Aft torpedoes loaded - firing maximum spread."

A moment later, the ops officer reports, "Targets have evaded torpedoes. Intercept now in 15 seconds." Friese fires another volley, which again prove to be little more than a nuisance to the missles.

Mackowick takes in a deep breath. "Aft evasion device - launch countermeasures!"

"DLN's away!"

"Engineering, leave impusle plasma trail - Helm, full about - Fire phasers."

The bridge erupts with confirmations of Mackowick's orders as the Defiant yaws to a complete 180. The inertial dampers cannot fully compensate for such a high speed manuever, so the crew hangs on tightly to whatever they can find.

The DLN interceptors reach the incoming missles and widely disperse them in a series of explosions, destroying one. The remaining two regroup and begin to follow the Defiant's last known heading, amplified by the increased plasma wake. The missles' advanced computers don't realize the ruse until the Defiant is barreling between them with phasers blazing.

Friese made sure he didn't miss.

* * *

"Would someone like to tell me exactly how he was able to commandeer a Falcon Missle Battery, mount it on an automatted orbital platform, and rig it with a cloaking device?" Admiral Hollis asks dubiously.

General Kendall responds, "They are bringing the missle satellite into Utopia Station now to be analyzed. Preliminary data suggests that it has a type 12 cloak, probably stolen from the Romulans. We are conducting a scan of the surrounding areas of Mars, attempting to track down any more satellites, but that will take some time. As for how they were able to aquire a Falcon array, I cannot answer."

"I'll tell you how," Admiral Schell interjects. "The same way they were able to take Goldswell. The same way they snuck into Utopia. There is someone working for them on the inside. Someone with access. Probably more than one. Perhaps we have not fully extinguished Admiral Rittenhouse's influence, which is more extensive than we previously thought."

Hollis lets the thought linger. "Perhaps. And if you are correct about that, then this will be the biggest case of conspiracy in the history of The Federation. And if that is the case, then I assure you that The Federation will aggresively retaliate against both foreign and domestic conspirators with a high degree of wrath. If Cardassia is in any way implicated in this, they will face repercussions."

Admiral Schell liked the sound of that.

* * *

Hardin turns to Harvey and Mak, both of which are sitting next to him in Bunker UL5, along with about 40 other station personnel. Four soldiers are standing guard by the main entrance, while a Tactical Assault Drone hovers above their heads, patroling the area.

"Well, it could be worse," Hardin says with feigned enthusiasm.

"Yes, sir," Harvey replies.

Mak had been scanning the room and the people in it ever since they had arrived, Hardin noticed. He hadn't been saying much. Come to think of it, he'd been pretty quiet since he got here.

"You all right Mak?" Hardin asks.

He continues looking around for a minute before answering.

"I think I know who these people are," he states evenly.

Hardin raises an eyebrow at the development.

Mak begins his explanation after the droid moves far enough away. "Only the most highly skilled and equipped units could hope to get his far in an operation like this. And I tend to keep close watch on those select few. In actuallity, I came here not for sight seeing tour of Mars, but more to see what exactly caused that antimatter contamination a few weeks ago. I did not inform the Captian of my suspicions, but I remember a very similar operation taking place a long while back. That operation just happened to be preceeded by an apparent accident at the site in question. It gave the events that followed some cover.

"I thought that I might be chasing ghosts by coming here, but I figured it would be better to check it out just in case. I had no idea that my suspicions would prove to be so correct.

"From what I've seen so far, I believe that this is a mercenary group based off of Kolmar 7. They go by several names, but Starfleet refers to them simply as 'Group Phi.' They are too well equipped in this operation to be working by themselves, though. We do know that they have worked for Cardassia in the past."

"Why would they attempt this?" Hardin asks. "Surely they knew it would be bound for failure."

"Don't count your chickens before they're hatched," Mak replies.


"I'm sure they still have some tricks up their sleeves, which is why Starfleet has yet to get us out of this prediciment. Don't be suprised if they are able to destroy all of this before they are stopped."

Hardin wasn't sure that he liked that prediction.

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