Star Trek: Defiant

"Stereotypes Broken" - Part 2F

Written by Valas Maerret

Maerret makes his way through a service duct, fighting the soreness of the phaser burns. Luckily, the weapons that hit him were set only to stun. But it was a high stun, and there were three men shooting. It would take a while before the effects fully wore off.

It was then that his communicator beeped. '...ease respond. Defiant to away team, come in.'

"Maerret here," he states, more than happy to hear his shipmates' voices. The signal was barely making it through, but that was a step up from last time he tried.

"Ensign, this is Commander Mackowick. Where is Hardin and the others."

"Unknown. We got separated. What is the condition up there. Are you aware that Goldswell has been taken over?"

"All too aware, Ensign. Be advised that a team is preparing to enter Goldswell from the south entrance. Do you know what exactly the condition is inside?"

"There are at least 100 soldiers, all highly equipped. They are accomponied by several T-4 Tactical Assault Drones. Most of the seige is localized in the north quad, and I think they are getting real close to being able to detonate several antimatter bunkers. There are hostages scattered throughout the complex."

"Can you get to the bunkers where the transporter scramblers are? The strike team could bring this to a quick end if they could get in by transporting, rather than to try and enter through access ways and corridors."

"Can't you destroy those sites from orbit?"

"We tried that, but were shot at by automated missle satellites. We can't resume until we're sure they're aren't any more satellites, which will take too long to find. Right now, you're the only person we've found on the inside who hasn't been captured. Can you get to bunkers UL5, UL6, and D2?"

"I'm coming up on section UL now."

* * *

"Have you decoded that communicator signal yet?" Colonel Graff asks his Nausicaan officer.

"Working," the Nausicaan states, inputing the final commands into his terminal.

"There it is," Graff states, beginning to listen to the recorded message between Maerret and The Defiant. "Looks like special forces are entering through the south entrance."

"Lets move out," The Nausicaan states, bringing up his communication device to his mouth. "All free units, converge in the south entrance - strike team is entering there."

"How long now?" Graff asks.

"The last device will be set up in no more than five minutes. We can hold them off until then," the Nausicaan smiles wickedly.

Graff's men line up in position around the south entrance - over 60 soldiers and four T-4's. The large door would be opened by the strike team any second. They wouldn't be able to scan beyond the door beforehand, however, due to all the damping. It would be a slaughter.

The huge door begins to shout sparks fiercely around it hinges. A second later, the door comes crashing to the floor, and a small, discreet group of Federation special forces rushes into the compound. All is quiet. After he enters, Commander Blair looks behind him with a smirk to the sign above the door.

It reads "NorthEast Docking Port." He continues hastily down the corridor with his men, having trouble removing the smile from his normally stoic visage. Commander Mackowick's ruse had worked.

* * *

Hardin, Harvey and Mak watched as the four soldiers guarding the door ran off toward the direction of an explosion that had just occured nearby. They dare not try anything, due to the T-4 Droid hovering menacingly over their heads.

A minute later, after a series of more explosions and some weapons fire, two of the soldiers return hastily into the room, their suit mildly smoldering. He ran up near to the driod's position, stopping next to Hardin's group.

"Guard the entrance," the soldier said to the hovering droid, though the close-faced helmet he wore. The hovering entity moved toward the door as ordered.

Hardin was about to attack the soldiers, but changed his mind when he saw them point their disruptor cannons at the T-4. The soldiers' targeting systems in their helmets aquired a solid lock on the droid and they fired a massive blast. After a deafening second, and as everyones eyes became reacustomed to the room's lighting, the droid could be seen lying in a smoldering pile on the floor.

One of the soldiers then ran to the other side of the room where the transporter scrambler lay. The other turned to Hardin and took off his helmet.

Hardin's look turned from confusion to congeniality. "Maerret, I never thought I'd be so glad to see you."

Commander Blair enters the room with a few men to begin disabling the transporter scramblers. "Good job, Ensign."

The rest of the station crew in the room share a quick celebration before helping the team make plans to disable the remainder of the scramblers, and escape intact, if at all possible.

* * *

"Weapons fire in bunker UL5," The Nausicaan states stiffly to Graff. "We tracked about 20 Federation soldiers enter the area. That must be the strike team that entered through the north east entrance, taking us by suprise. Our men are nearing that location now. Three minutes until showtime."

Graff contemplates the situation, "Is Diamos ready?"

"Yes, sir. She's standing for our escape."

"Very well. Get me on a channel with Starfleet."

The Nausicaan inputs some commands into the computer terminal, and then the face of Admiral Schell is displayed on the holo-table.

Graff begins, "I warned you once not to attempt to stop me. Now you will see the consequences of your actions. As we speak, your pathetic strike team is being overrun by superior forces. And as promised, I am executing five hostages for every one of my men that is injured. I will give you one last chance to comply with my terms before I destroy the planet. You have three minutes."

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