Star Trek: Defiant

"Imperial Entanglements" - Part Seven

Written by Kamiana Tyrrel

The Bridge of the USS Defiant

Lt. Cmdr. Adam Lebin looked from one to another of the assembled officers, then back to Captain Bridges.

"I have urgent information to report Sir." he began.

"The only thing I want from you is an explanation." Bridges replied. "Damn it Adam, if you aren't guilty as you said, then why did you break out of the brig, and to their ship no less?"

"I know who the spy is, Captain. The person who broke me out of the brig, I didn't escape on my own. It's Tyrrel, Ensign Tyrrel. She's the one who did all of this."

Bridges stared at Adam.

"That's your excuse, accusing another member of this crew?" He asked, the disbelief clear in his eyes. "Myah and Jen were quite thorough in their search, I saw the evidence myself."

"Captain, please. She beamed us both over there, right into their brig."

"And you can just go right back to our brig." The Captain snapped. "I don't have time to deal with this right now. Matute!"

"Right here Sir." Came the reply, and Jen stepped forward, phaser drawn. Behind her six other security officers fanned out.

"Captain!" Marinus tried to interpose, remembering last night in Eight-Forward. "At least hear him out?"

"Where was Mak," Marinus wondered. Now would be a really good time for him to walk in.

"Fine." Bridges replied. "Computer locate Ensign Kamiana Tyrrel."

"Ensign Tyrrel is in Science Lab One."

"Right where she should be," Bridges looked disappointedly at Adam, then shook his head. "Get him out of here."

"That's not her damn it!" Lebin called out even as the guards began to lead him away. "She's their Tyrrel I'm telling you!!!"

The turbolift doors closed behind him, cutting off his shouting from those on the Bridge.

* * *

In the Brig Area of the ISS Defiant

"Fardling Betazoid bitch!" snarled Ensign Clark, seizing Kamiana by a handful of her long honey blonde hair and yanking her backwards, then releasing her with a shove that sent her sprawling on the deck plates. "Try to escape on my shift will you? Get us all sent to the Booth?"

He grabbed her bare right shoulder and rolled her over, which caused another involuntary cry to burst out (as this put her lacerated back touching the floor).

"Yes go ahead scream." he ranted on, "I'll see you in the Booth for this, maybe even ask them to let me be operator this time. Then we'll just see if you're too good for the likes of me, won't we?"

Before Kamiana could focus past the pain enough to try and respond, another voice cut in. One that was familiar, too familiar.

"That will be quite enough Mr Clark. Unless you want to go to the Booth yourself, and not as operator."

"SIR!" Clark scrambled to attention, holding himself stiffly, though only with effort, Kamiana could feel the fear pouring from him, a fear that mirror-echoed her on at the sound of the new arrival's voice.

"I'll take over here." Takila Mak replied. "Oh, and take those two..." He waved a dismissive hand at the still-unconscious Friese and Joel, "With you. I'll devise a suitable penalty later, if the Captain doesn't beat me to it that is."

Clark slung Friese over one shoulder then scooped up Joel and moved as fast as the extra weight would allow to the turbolift, wishing all the while that he'd stayed in bed this morning. This just was not his day.

Mak ran his eyes over her, much the way one would regard an object of interest, a possession to be used.

"I've read Commander Danorium's report," he began, yanking her to her feet and cupping her chin with one hand as he spoke. "There were some rather interesting details there. Details you didn't see fit to mention to me, during our little discussion."

He shook his head. "I am quite disappointed, Darlin'. And when something or someone disappoints me, I get upset."

His fingers on her chin dug in, sending fresh waves of pain through her.

She tried to back away but couldn't break the grip of his other hand on her wrist. There was only the agony of the metal wall touching her raw back and the anguish of another sort as his hand left her face then began exploring her nude body.

"Still, it's something to be said for your taste that you'd pick my counterpart out of that lot of cowards and weaklings. Which makes me think maybe you'd like to know more about me."

Kamiana shook her head, trying vainly to get away from him. What she had shared with Mak, the other Mak, was sacred. This, this was defilement, disgrace,"No, please, not that!"

"Cry all you like, Darlin', but you know you want this, there's a lot more to me than there is to him and you'll find out Darlin'." He smiled lewdly.

Oh if only Mak, her Mak, could hear her "NOOO!!!" Her mind screamed silently.

The only response she got, though, was a wave of telepathic laughter from Danorium. This ship's Danorium, God was he watching? She tried again to force him out of her mind, again to no avail.

She couldn't suppress a scream as pain filled her mind again, even as Mak was torturing her already abused body.

A wave of darkness overwhelmed her as her mind retreated into itself, desperate for some surcease, she sank unconscious into Mak's arms.

"Frag it, the bitch passed out on me." He shook his head. "Well, I get started it'll wake her up. It'd better."

After all there was nothing to be gained by entertaining someone who couldn't feel it.

* * *

On the USS Defiant, Lebin fumed silently as he paced the brig cell. Security was taking no chances this time. There were four guards now outside, not just the one there'd been earlier.

Suddenly he heard voices.

"Sir we've been ordered to remain on watch.." That was Ensign Joel.

"You really think he'll get past me?" Came another familiar voice. Mak's. What was he doing here?

"Um... No Sir, but..."

"I'll take care of it Darlin'. You and your team can wait outside."

There were sounds of scrambling feet, then a moment later Takila Mak appeared at the entrance to the cell.

Lebin sighed. He had a feeling he knew what was coming now. Mak hadn't been on the Bridge when he'd arrived, but doubtless he'd heard by now. "If this is about Tyrrel..."

"I'm getting that phony off this ship, and our Kamiana back. Figured you'd want to be in on that after all this."

"I would but," he broke off shook his head. "I'm sorry. I couldn't bring her back they'd have caught me again and then we'd both still be over there." He finished. The excuse sounded lame even as he said it. But what else could he have done?

"It's not your fault." Mak replied, his voice becoming hard. "At least she was still alive then, right? She'd better be when we get there. Or else." The tone in which he said that sent chills up Adam's spine. He was very glad he wasn't a member of the ISS Defiant's crew at that moment.

Lebin nodded. "You'd have to get me out of here though. And after awhile ago I'm not sure I want to do that again."

"It's taken care of." Mak smiled. "The crew thinks you're still under arrest though. They have to so she doesn't get wind of it 'til we spring the trap."

* * *

A few minutes later, in Science Lab One

Kamiana was using her console to keep tabs on what the crew was up to, but she knew she couldn't stay here too much longer. Now that Lebin had somehow escaped back to this ship, against all her expectations, it was only a matter of time before he managed to convince someone and they'd come for her. The only reason she'd stayed this long was to make sure she got as much information to bring back as possible.

Not all potentially usable information was necessarily stored in computers, after all, she'd learned a lot by simply looking into the surface thoughts of each mind she came near. Though she had to be careful with that, too, lest her activity attract the attention of the telepaths on this ship.

She was supposed to wait until this Defiant reached IS225, then be offloaded with the rest of the crew. Unlike them, however, she'd be going back to her own Defiant, where they'd be placed in the hands of Imperial Intelligence, though there were a few she wished she could see what would happen to them there.

However, with the way things were closing in, it might be better for her to go back now, better chance of getting back with what she had to report without any potentially messy dealings with this ship's security, or Mak.

Not that she had any compunctions about killing to escape if she had to, but if she was forced to that it would mean one potential subject for Intelligence would be lost.

She shook her head and stood up, shutting down her console as she did so, then she walked out of the lab and headed for the nearest turbolift...

...Reaching it just as Mak and Lebin stepped out.

Lebin? But he was supposed to still be in the brig, she'd monitored the Security messages saying as much.

She stepped forward intending to continue to the lift, but they moved to block her path.

"I think we'd better talk. Right now, you got me?" Mak said icily, the blue eyes sending daggers through her.

She looked from him to Lebin, and seeing the same anger, determination, on his features sighed.

Then turned and ran as fast as she could in the other direction.

Mak and Lebin took off immediately in hot pursuit.

She barely noticed the looks on the faces of crewmembers as she passed them, she thought only of getting them off her trail long enough for her to activate the...

Her hand went to her commbadge, only to find it wasn't there, what the...???

Damn it must've dropped off and she hadn't noticed and how was she to trigger the beamout to her ship without it? Just any commbadge wouldn't do hers had been specially modified for this mission.

She glanced behind her to see the two figures bearing down, she had to get away she just had to she ran harder faster her side ached if she could just reach the shuttle bay.

She was so focused on that and keeping tabs on the two behind her she didn't even notice the figure coming around a corner in front of her, that is not until it slammed into her, sending her reeling for a moment though she did manage to keep her footing.

This was her chance, she swung out one arm wrapping it around the figure's waist, which now that she saw it properly, was a tiny female, a, it couldn't be, a Pakled?

Liss had been cleaning this section of the corridors when the running woman had bumped into her. But now she was holding on to her why?

Kamiana spun the Pakled around, to face towards the oncoming Mak and Lebin. Wrenching the Pakled's right arm behind her with one hand, Kami pulled out a phaser with the other and brought it to the Pakled's head.

"I get off this ship," she snarled, "or this one gets it, you got that?"

"Please... Don't hurt... Why hurt?" Moaned the Pakled.

Kamiana jerked her head back if only to stop that pathetic whine. She wondered briefly what a Pakled was doing on this ship, the creatures were used in the Empire as slaves but they didn't do that sort of thing in this Federation, she sighed she had more important things to worry about right now.

Mak approached her, his hands out. "C'mon Darlin'..." His tone twisted the word into an insult, "You don't want to do that. If you want someone take me."

Lebin stood to Mak's side, letting him take the lead but ready to grab at a moment's notice if he had to.

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