Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part One

Written by Adam Lebin

It had been four months since the destruction of the first full-scale Escort Class Vessel U.S.S. Defiant. For some darn reason, I find myself beginning to miss the old ship, the crew, and the friendships I had made during the short period of her existance.

I begin to wonder if I did the right thing, taking this assignment as Second Officer at the outer reaches of Federation Space, Starbase 4215, where absolutely nothing happens. But I knew I did make the right move, a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and a change of atmosphere. In ways, I feel it is a great career move. However, in many other ways, it was a huge sacrifice.

"Commander Lebin, anything interesting on the Long-Range Sensors today?" Captain Moore asks.

"Sensors now display a Comet releasing Hydrogen gas into the confines of space, sensors also display nothing else as usual sir." I say to him.

"Very well, you have Ops Mr. Lebin, I am turning in early tonight." Moore announces as he heads for the nearest Turbolift.

Captain Moore, not a highly known name in Starfleet Hierarchy, but known for one big thing, destroying a Federation renegade ship which would have meant more years of war between the Federation and the Klingons. I don't know the details, the one thing that pleases me about him, is that he enjoyed my presence on the station. No one else on board could think that a joined Trill, nearly 330 years of age, would choose such a boring post as this.

"Commander Lebin, I am picking up fluctuations in Sub-Space, bearing 315 Mark 4. Displaying Visual!" An Ensign shouts from a Science post.

The main viewscreen flickers on, and something or someone just cracked a hole in space. In a way, it looks like the mouth of the Wormhole at Deep Space Nine, but this is nothing like I ever seen.

"Full scan Ensign, what the heck is it, and what is in that... Thing?" I order. Wanting an answer as soon as possible.

More alarms beep all over Ops, and this time, the annoying Red-Alert Klaxxon that has irritated me even more since I graduated from Starfleet Academy sounds.

"Someone shut off that Damned Noise, what the hell is going on!!!" Everyone looks at me like I have lost my cool, and this time, I have. A Lieutenant at the main Operations station has something important to say.

"Sir three ships have emerged from that rupture, and from these readings, they are arming weapons." The Lieutenant announces.

"All crew to Battle Stations, raise shields, Captain Moore to Ops please." I order, and everyone moves around like lightening. From the first time I came on board, I finally feel good that something is happening.

"Report!" Moore asks as he emerges from the aft Turbolift.

"Three ships have emerged from some rupture in sub-space about five minutes ago, and according to our readings, they have armed weapons, they do not match any configuations that we are aware of Sir." I say in a mouthful, and the Captain felt satisfied with my explaination.

"Open a chan..." Moore's words were cut off by fire from the Unknown ships. I move to the Tactical Station, and prepare the weapons.

"Sir, the first hit alone took out the shields, damage reports are coming in from all over the station, we are losing Main Power." I say, and we both seem worried.

"Commander, open fire, and do them as hard as you can." Moore announces, and i activate all the station has left to fire.

I flick the Main Viewer on again, just to see if I can figure out just who these people are, and why did they fire, I see our phasers hitting their shields, but the looks from my sensor readings, they didn't even make a scratch.

"Sir, our phasers and torpedos did nothing, we are still loosing..." I get stopped from saying another word when those ships fired again. More forcefully than they did the first time. This time, debris came flying around from all over Ops.

"Ahhhh!!!" A voice says, in a painful way I can't take. However, I know that voice, to well, it is Moore.

"Captain, are you all right?" I leave my station, and move to him quickly, and check for a pulse. Nothing. I tilt my head to check for breathing, nothing. However, at this time, no time to do C.P.R.

"Commander, I think you better take a look at this." An injured Ensign announces. Somehow she managed to get back up.

"Station sensors are detecting Transporter activity, we have visitors." She announces, and she also hands me a phaser, to prepare for whoever might come barging in.

"Commander, external sensors are reading a ship approaching, Bearing 245 Mark 310. Sovereign Class, however, I cannot make a positive identification, it must be new." The ensign announces, and she feels some relief that help has arrived.

"Ensign, transmit all our sensor logs to that ship, I am putting out a distress call." I say, and begin the call.

"To the unidentified Starfleet Vessel, this is Commander Adam Lebin, Second Officer of Starbase 4215, we have been attacked by an unknown force, and are being intruded as we speak. We have no defeses to speak of, and we have numerous casualties, request assistance immediately." I say, and cut the communication.

The Ensign has another interesting report to give me. "Sir, during that last phaser blast, they hit our Main Power Generator, this station is going to destroy itself within minutes."

"Damn." I say to myself. Thinking of how this station can possibly be saved.

"Computer, recognize Lebin, engage evacuation seq..." I get cut by a communication from the Starfleet Vessel.

"Commander, our sensors read you have a Generator Rupture, and is going critical, prepare for emergency beamout." The voice on the other line says. And, that voice sounds ery familiar, one I haven't heard in nearly four months since the Defiant was destroyed by Warp-Core Breach, its Captain Jeffrey Scott Bridges.

A Transporter Beam engulfs me, and the rest of the Ops crew that remains alive. One second, we were on the doomed station, the next, on the Transporter Pad of a Federation Starship.

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