Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Conclusion

Written by Adam Lebin

I exit the Runabout Euphrates in the Shuttle Bay of the Defiant. I find Commander Mackowick, exiting the Rebellion. I couldn't tell it at the time, but it looks like the Runabout he was in took quite a beating, as did the Commander.

"All you all right Commander?" I ask him.

"I am all right, just some sparks flying around at low shield frequencies." He assures me, while laughing at the same time.

"Reconnection complete, all Senior Officers to the Bridge." The Computer announces over the ships' intercom.

Chad and I arrive to the Bridge, to find that it took a beating as well. Lots of stations for the moment, have been rendered inoperative, and it also looks like a few plasma conduits blew as well. No doubt in my mind, we will be returning to the nearest repair base upon return to Federation Space.

"We just received a communication from Captain Selkan, thanking us for our assistance, she will be escorting us back to the Transwarp Conduit, that will take us back to Federation Space. She also wants to convey her personal thanks to all Defiant Senior Staff. Commander Mackowick, set course back for the Transwarp Conduit, Warp Five, Commander's Lebin and Bedard, give me repair estimates on the ship as soon as possible. Dismissed everyone." The Captain says, while Bedard and I left for Main Engineering.

"Engineering" He says while we enter the lift, and the lift went down.

"Computer, halt, new destination, Deck Eight!" Bedard says, and I wonder why he is taking this sudden course of action.

"Something wrong Brian?" I ask.

"No, I just need a 'cool down' in 8-Forward. Commander Greer tells me he has something for you." Bedard announces.

"Oh really, and might I ask what it is?" I say, hoping to get an answer, but I got nothing but silence from the Chief Engineer.

The doors swish open, and we exit the lift, and soon enter 8-Forward, but the lights were off, and no one seemed present.

"Computer, lights!" Bedard says, and before I knew it, several people jump from different places, and a banner on the opposite wall saying "Welcome Home Lebin" is placed up high.

"Surprise!" Everyone in the room shouts.

"We never got to have a Welcome Back Party since you have returned Adam, you have been on the move since you came on board." Greer says, coming over to me with a huge glass of Frosty Root Beer, just the way I like it. Then someone else came up to me, Mak. I haven't had a chance to apologize to him yet...

"Hey Lebin, don't worry, I don't plan on tackling you down this time." He says.

"Mak, its all right, you caught me at a strange moment back in the corridor..." I explain while he cuts me off.

"No need to explain old pal, I have been told the entire story, sorry about the Starbase Crew." He explains, while putting his arm around my shoulder, and we both go together, just to "enjoy the moment."

* * *

Meanwhile, on the Bridge, the Captain seems eager to get the heck back to Federation Space. He turns to Commander Hardin, who is looking around at all the Bridge Stations, wondering about something.

"Something on your mind John?" The Captain asks.

"Yes Sir, I am wondering if all our missions are going to end up this way." Hardin says, and the Captain nods, returning a comment which assures him.

"No Commander, I am sure our missions will be far more interesting." Bridges says, smiling.

"We are approaching the Transwarp Conduit Sir." Mackowick announces.

"Drop to impulse, take us Home Commander... Engage!" The Captain orders.

"Aye Sir." Chad says acknowledging the order. The Transwarp Conduit opens, the ship enters, and in seconds time, exits the conduit, returning to the confines of Federation Space, where the adventure always has, and always will be.

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