Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Two

Written by Adam Lebin

"We're lucky we got you over here Commander, the station just went in flames." Emeras says.

"Good to see you too, how many people did you get from the Starbase?" I ask.

"Fifty-four people including yourself. The other people I had troulbe locking onto because of the Reactor Leak." Emeras explains. I give a nod, and was about to exit, but Emeras stopped me.

"I am sorry Commander, but Doctor Laine Rael wants everyone from Starbase 4215 in Sick Bay now!!!" Emeras tells me, and I did not feel very thrilled to be ordered to Sickbay, especially since I must see the Captain.

"Tell the Doc I will be their after I see the Captain, it is very important I see him." I say, and it seems she understood. I almost ran, but for some reason, I cannot do it as well as I used to. My ankle just gave in a very sharp pain, almost like I have spained it. However, I try to ignore it, and continue to the nearest Turbolift.

I arrive to the Turbolift, and enter as soon as the doors swished open. I call out "Bridge!" Which is something I have not done since assigned to Starbase 4215. The lift went up fast, really fast. The doors swish open again, just as the ship itself began to shake, making my right ankles' condition even worse than it already is.

"Return fire." The Captain announces, and someone finally saw me exit the lift, limping very badly. It's Commander Hardin, and he helped me off the lift.

"Welcome to the Defiant Commander Lebin." He says. Then, the entire Bridge crew takes their attention off what they have been doing, just to take a look.

"Welcome to the Defiant-A Lieutenant Commander Lebin, I wish the circumstances were a lot different." Captain Bridges says, and he continues. "Anyways what can you tell us about these ships before we suffer the same fate as your Starbase?"

I did not know where to begin, I had to make it brief, but the truth is, most of what happened on that Starbase happened so quickly, I have no information about them.

"Shields are down to 25% sir, one more hit and they will collapse." Matute calls out from Tactical.

"Sir, request permission to take Operations, I think I know something that might help us..." I ask of the Captain, and he complys.

I limp over to the post, and begin scanning. First, I do a Medalergical Scan, to find out what these ships are made up of. Next, I do a short simulation, which might show a vulerability. Then, I got it!

"Matute, reset phasers and torpedos to the frequencies I am sending you, then fire on these quardinates on those ships." I yell across to the other side of the Bridge. On the other Defiant, I could have made the modifications myself because the Tactical 2 post was combined into Operations. But not this ship.

"Weapons standing by." Matute announces. Without hesitation, the Captain gave out an order he excels at.

"Fire!!!" He orders. The Main Viewer flickers on, and this time, it appears we have done damage. Then, my alarms beep from my present station. Apparently, we hit the engines of those ships.

"Captain, I am detecting Warp-Core Breeches from those ships, they will explode in..." The Captain cuts me off.

"Mackowick, Warp One, any heading, ENGAGE!!!" The Captain orders, and Mackowick went to work in a flash. In an instant, I could here the execute signal sound from the helm, and on the viewscreen, you can see the ship go into Warp, just as the three unidentifiable ships were engulfed by flames.

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