Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Three

Written by Adam Lebin

"Their you go Commander, your ankle is good as new. I have checked out your Medical Records, and you seem completely fine, I believe the Captain wants to see you and the Senior Staff in the Observation Lounge immediately." The ever so caring Doctor says. I jump up, from the main Bio-Bed in Sickbay, thanking the Doctor, and left for the Observation Lounge.

On my way, I see a figure, someone I know very well, a great friend the Lebin symbiont has known since it was born. Talika Mak. Or now, it is a full Lieutenant Talika Mak.

"Mak my long lost bud..." I get cut off by him instantly coming to run me over, nearly tackling me to deck floor.

"Good to see you, I have been wondering where the heck you have been. How in the galaxies name did you end up on Starbase 4215?" He asks, just as I get up, and I did not feel to be in a great mood. Knowing Mak, after being alive as long as he has, I thought he would be understanding of my situation. Many lives were just lost, and I am the highest ranking among the crew of that starbase that remains alive. Never in my lifetimes did something like this happen.

"Mak, I am sorry, I don't feel like talking, lets talk after my briefing, the man in the Big Chair awaits." I say, with a slight smile, perhaps now he understands. I come to the Turbolift, which leads to the Observation Lounge, and it takes me up.

Moments later, I enter the Room, seeing everyone that I had known from the previous Defiant. The Captain, First Officer Hardin, Mackowick, everyone I had been close to. They all rise from their places, in a way, it felt like a Hero's welcome, but it was in no way like that. A huge matter now needs to be dealt with.

"Commander Lebin, our condolences to you and the entire crew of Starbase 4215." Hardin says, and I nod, walking over to the nearest seat, which is right next to Brian Bedard, the Chief Engineer.

"I have informed Starfleet Command, and given them every last detail we know of, they would like us to return to the Battle Site of Starbase 4215, and begin a full scale investigation of who is responsible for the attack. Also, Starfleet is setting a Fleet-Wide Yellow Alert until our investigation is complete. Lebin, what can you tell us from what happened on the Station?" The Captain explains, and next, needed a first hand explanation from someone who has seen the action firsthand.

I walk up to the Viewscreen, and display a simulation from what the Starbase Crew and myself saw. "First, a rupture in Space, which looks like a mouth of a Wormhole opens, and three ships emerge from the rupture. Next, the rupture closes. After that, the ships arm their weapons, and just begin to fire violent shots at the station. We tried to open communications, but they went unanswered. A while later, debris starts flying everywhere throughout the station, reports of casualties come in to Ops, I see Captain Moore lying down on the ground, covered by debris, unconscious, no pulse or breath. Next, the Defiant comes in, and beams everyone that Emeras could off the station. Their was Transporter difficulty due to a Reactor Leak, which eventually destroys Starbase 4215. Finally, we are rescued by the Defiant, and you saw what I did on the Bridge." I finish my explanation, and move the display back to when the Station first saw the Ships. Then Bedard walks up to the screen, it seems he has something valuable to contribute to my mouthful explanation.

"Ever since we came to the Battle Site, I have been trying to figure out the design configuration of those ships, it does have familiar signature readings, several that I recognize. They seem to be a combination of what three races that we know of use. One is Cardassian, the next is Klingon, the final one, is Vulcan.

Andersdottir jumps in with something. "Brian, what are you suggesting, that we are dealing with a multi-breed species, that suddenly decided to show itself off by attacking a remote outpost?"

Brian smiles, and gives the confirmation. "Yes Jannik, that is exactly what I am saying." Then Myah, has something to add.

"Funny, I went over the sensor readings of the interior of the three ships', they do display DNA patterns from all three of those races, perhaps they have been combined in a way which is beyond our knowledge."

"All right people, that's a bit enough for us to engulf right now, lets take this one step at a time. It seems most of us agree that we are dealing with new species, and they are somehow showing themselves off by combining the technology from their races?" The Captain asks, and everyone in the room nods.

"Very well, Commander Mackowick, set course for the coordinates of Starbase 4215, Commander Hardin, perform a series of Battle Drills, we must be prepared for what is to come. Commander Lebin, please follow me to my Ready Room, their is a matter in which we need to discuss." The Captain orders.

"Dismissed." He orders again, and everyone got up. That meeting went by strange, they were able to come up with evidence I could not find.

"Gee, this crew is great, they always think one-step ahead of you." I say to myself. I get up, and follow Captain Bridges to his Ready Room, wondering what he wants to talk to me about.

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