Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Four

Written by Adam Lebin

Captain Bridges and I walk into his Ready Room. He gestures for me to take a seat, and I do on a nearby couch. "Care for a Root Beer Commander?" The Cap'n asks.

"Ah.. Why not!" I say. I haven't had one in a while, the replicators on Starbase 4215 could not create it properly. I thought the Captain would go over to the replicator, and get one from their, but instead, he opens a door, which looks like his own Personal Freezer! He throws me a cold bottle of the real stuff.

"Captain, where did you get your hands on this?!?!?" I ask in excitement.

"An 'old' friend of mine dropped them off before our ship launched away from Planitia, he said he could not aquire the taste. I knew that you would, but I did not know at the time you chose a different assignment. So I kept them stored in my freezer until we met up again. I just wish the circumstances were a lot different." He says, just as he walks to his chair behind a nicely wood-furnished desk.

"So Captain, what else do you need to talk to me about?" I ask in curiosity.

"Well, I have given Starfleet Command your full report of the incident when you came on board, they have decided since your report was rather detailed, to forgo the Court Martial, I am sure you have had to fill many reports like this during your lifetimes." He explains, and he is telling the truth, and the fact that Starfleet is skipping the Martial, is even greater news. However, it seems through his eyes that something else is on his mind.

"Adam, all crew of Starbase 4215 have already been reassigned, accept for you. This is the main reason I need to chat with you. I know you have moved up in your career, to a Second Officer. However, this crew doesn't seem to have a person fit to handle the Operations post like you do. I was hoping..." I cut him off right there.

"Say no more Sir, I'll be happy to accept!" I say, as it will be great to be with my fellow officers again. The ones I thought about everyday while aboard that boring Station.

"Great. As of this date and time, you are once again my Chief of Operations, and now apart of the Senior Staff. Once again Lieutenant Commander Lebin, welcome to the Defiant-A." He says, while stretching his hand out for a shake. We shake, and we both leave the room together.

"Crew, I have an announcement to make, Commander Lebin has agreed to stay on board our ship, and assume the role he has successfully done ever since I have first met him, he is once again, our Chief of Operations, and now apart of our Senior Staff." The Captain announces, just as I move to the front of the Bridge to assume my post at Ops. Meanwhile, Mackowick stretches his hand out for a shake as well.

"Great to have you back Commander." He says, and we both shake hands. Then, Mackowick has something else to say.

"Captain, approaching coordinates of Starbase 4215." He says, while awaiting orders from the man in the Big Chair.

"Slow to one-eighth impulse Commander, Full-Scan Lebin, lets see if their is any more activity out here." Bridges orders, and we both get to work.

I activate all sensors, to see if their is actually any more activity around here. All that the sensors display are the debris from both the Starbase and the Three Alien ships the Defiant destroyed. Then, my sensor alarms flicker. I could not believe what they displayed.

"Captain, its the rupture again, on screen." I activate the Main Viewscreen, and now the entire Bridge sees what I have already seen a while ago.

"Captain, FIVE ships are emerging from the rupture, same configuration as before." I announce, and Commander Hardin did not hesitate for an instant to give out the order.

"Red Alert, all crew to Battle Stations, Shields to Maximum, open a channel to the lead ship." Hardin orders.

"Weapons standing by, Shields up, Channel is Open Captain." Matute announces from the Tactical post, right behind Commander Hardins' chair.

"This is Captain Jeffrey Scott Bridges of the United Federation of Planets, three of your fellow ships have already destroyed a remote outpost of ours, your presence here is an act of war, I invite you to withdraw immediately or face the consequences of your acts." Everyone waited on the Bridge a reply, but silence and the noise of power conduits could only be heard.

"No reply Captain, shall I repeat the Hail?" Asks Jen Matute.

"Yes, plea..." The Captains' order gets cut off by Phaser Fire from the lead ship. However, instead of the Alien Ships continuing the attack, they change course, and head back for the rupture.

"Chad, plot a course for the rupture, they are not getting away with this. Lebin, transfer auxiliary power to the impulse drive, we need more speed." Jeffrey orders.

"Aye Sir, impulse engines now operating 35% above maximum." I say, and the rupture looks like its about to seal back on itself. So I transfer more power to the Impulse Drive, hoping we can make it into the rupture before it closes.

"Sir, we are about to enter the rupture." Mackowick says.

"All Hands brace for impact!!!" Hardin orders.

Now, instead of seeing black and the stars that surround space, only white and blue light are seen. Its like we are traveling through a Transwarp Conduit. But the travel is smooth, no rocking or anything. The Alien Ships can be seen directly ahead. Suddenly, an opening occurs, the white and blue light from whatever we are in can no longer be seen. We are back to normal space.

"What is our position Mr. Mackowick?" Commander Hardin asks.

"Sir, we are one-hundred fifty five light years from our last position. And Sir, the Alien ships are gone, sensors say they went into Warp Speed, not Transwarp like we were just in, but like our engines. They went on a heading of 325 Mark 177 just as we left the conduit." Mackowick explains.

Everyone on the Bridge now waits, wondering what course of action the Captain wants to take.

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