Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Five

Written by Adam Lebin

Everyone on the Bridge is looking at him, it appears they are all wondering what course of action Captain Bridges will want to take. By the looks of his face, he will take the most likely course of action.

"Commander Mackowick, lay in a course of pursuit and engage at maximum warp. I want full sensor sweeps of this entire region of space from all stations." The Captain orders, and everyone went to work on the double. When I first turned to my readings of the forward sensor array, I could not believe what I saw.

"Captain, I don't thnk you want to take this course of action, I am reading MORE phaser fire about two lightyears away. These ships that we encountered are attacking each other." I explain, and it caught the attention of the entire Bridge.

"Shall I continue on present course sir?" Chad asks.

"Yes Chad, the attack is their problem, if we interfere, you know what that means Commander, all we can do is look, and do not interfere." The Captain explains. I knew what it would mean, Prime Directive Violation. No doubt in anyone minds that would be the last course of action the Captain, or any of the crew wants to take. Then, the attack caught my eye once again, one of those ships destroyed the other, and now, the ship that prevailed is shanging course, to intercept us!

"Captain, we got a problem, I monitored the attack, one ship just blew the other away, and has just changed course to intercept us, it is approaching at Warp 9.6. At that speed, they will intercept us in three minutes." I explain again.

"Orders Captain?" Commander Hardin asks.

"Battle Stations!" The Captain replies, and the ship once again, sounds of the ever so annoying Red-Alert Signal.

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