Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Seven

Written by Adam Lebin

When Captain Selkan entered the Observation Lounge, I thought she would bring more of her colleges. Apparently not, since her people did attack my former outpost, she did not want to appear any more hostile to the Federation than she already has.

"Everyone, this is Captain Selkan, we had an interesting conversation on our way here, please, tell my Senior Staff what you have told me." The Captain asks.

"Sure, at the end of the twenty second century, their was a Transport Ship, with Ambassadors from three different worlds, Vulcan, Klingon, and Cardassian. It was on its way for a trade conference on Fairius Prime. On its journey, it past through a Sub-Space Phenomenon, which today is still unexplainable. It basically joined every person that was on that ship. Their was a total of twelve people on that ship at first, but after passing through the phenomenon, their were only four, and they were all suddenly joined together. Our species is the end result. Also, that phenomenon moved our ship to this point in space. That phenomenon, ruined the ship completely, so it landed on a planet not far from here, and today, it is our Homeworld." Selkan explains, and everyone in the room seemed stunned, it seemed impossible to me, that such a thing could possibly happen, but it did.

"Did those people try to contact anyone?" Commander Hardin asks.

"The communication relay got shot into pebbles. We only started to create Starships, as well as Warp Drives twenty years ago. A few months ago, we finished creating the first Transporter, unfortunately, this is when the Rebellion began." Selkan says.

"Selkan, tell us more about this Rebellion." I ask, and Selkan began.

"Some say that what happened in the twenty-second century was 'fate.' Others now say that we should find ways of using the Transporter to seperate the DNA patterns of our species, which would kill us all off, and the Vulcarkans would be no more. Believe it or not, people have modified our Transporters so the patters can be seperated. Which I hate to say, is causing great chaos. The new Klingons are to eager for battle. The new form of Cardassians want Territory, and the new Vulcans are getting killed by trying to control their emotions. I hate to say to you people, we need your help to put an end to this, or I am afraid, the attacks on Federation Outposts might continue." Selkan explains, and the Captain seemed like he was hoping that she would not mention it.

"I know how much you need our help Selkan, but the war is your business and.." The Captian gets cut off by Selkan.

"Captain Bridges, do you want our people to continue fighting, and as a result of this, have them continue to fight the Federation?" Selkan pleas. I had to admit it to myself, I never saw someone with part Klingon in them plea before.

"Selkan, you have told us a great deal, and I thank you for it. I am going to need a briefing with my Senior Officers to discuss the matter further. Guard, please escort Selkan back to Transporter Room Two." The Captain orders, Selkan gets up, and leaves the room.

The door swished open and closed as the guard escorted Selkan back to the Transporter Room. Now, its time to find where the Senior Staff thinks about this huge issue.

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