Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Eight

Written by Adam Lebin

"Well people, what do you think? Should we help them stop their war, so we don't go to war with them? Or should we risk violating the Prime Directive?" The Captain asks.

"Captain, as long as their Civil War continues, attacks on our people will continue." Commander Bedard announces.

"Sir, in all honesty, I think we should help Selkan. I think our people would see the sence in us helping them." Doctor Laine says. I had to jump in right their, before anyone else spoke.

"Captain, I was one of the first to get the closer look at their technology. Believe me Sir, what their Rebellion is doing is no good for the Federation, I think it is best that we stop it right here before other outposts, planets, or anything in the Federation suffer the same fate as Starbase 4215 did." I announce. It seemed at that point, we were all in agreement, or are we?

"Commander Hardin, what do you think?" The Captain asks, needing his Executive Officers' opinion.

"I have to agree with the rest of them Captain, as long as the Rebellion continues, their is a huge threat to our people, I alone think we should end this before matters get worse." He says, and the Captain announces something further.

"Very well, it has been decided that we will help Selkan. Let me make this clear, that this decision is mine, and mine alone. Bridges to the Bridge, get me Selkan on the Observation Lounge viewer, NOW!" He demands, and in seconds time, Selkan appears on the visual.

"Yes Captain, Selkan here." She says.

"Selkan, I have decided to help you out, what we need to know is exactly what we are up against, and the quickest way to stop them." Bridges demands.

"The Rebellion we just recently discovered has a base about six light years from here, and is heavily guarded. Our Intelligence Force knows if we destroy this base, it will take them at least a year to regroup themselves. Captain, our ships cannot get in their, it is heavily guarded. Only SMALL ships can get to it, and finish the Rebellion for good." Selkan announces.

"All right, send us the coordinates of the planet, and we will devise a battle plan, if possible, we will need a layout of the interior and exterior of this base. We will also need your ship to help us attack." Bridges says, and I have to admit, I cannot believe he is doing this, I guess, he surprised me.

"I am sending you everything you need Captain, we will lead you to the base." Selkan says.

"Understood, tell us when we enter sensor range of Rebellion ships, we have a 'surprise' planned. Bridges out." The image of Selkan disappears, and is replaced by a readout of the ships' interior.

"People, she has sent us a lot of stuff. Now, I want you all to still prepare for the possibility that this is all a trap. At the first sign of trouble, we are getting out of here. Of course, their is the possibility that she is telling the truth. So, I want a battle plan for reaching this base with the least harm done as possible. I do not want to send in away teams to this base, it is far too dangerous." The Captain says.

"Understood everyone?" He asks again.

"Good, I want battle plans ready in the next three hours... Dismissed." The Captain says. Commander Bedard and I head for Main Engineering to devise one Battle Plan. The others head for the Bridge, or where ever their duty stations are.

Who knows if Selkan is really telling the truth. According to what Andersdottir said earlier, she doesn't show any signs of deception. However, anything is possible, and it must be prepared for, no matter what.

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