Star Trek: Defiant

"Reunited" - Part Nine

Written by Adam Lebin

"Selkan to Captain Bridges, we are entering Sensor range of the Rebellion Base." Selkan announces over the comm system from her ship.

"Understood, from this point on, communication silence. Defiant out." Bridges orders Matute to cut the channel, and he did almost instantly.

"Bridges to Hardin, engage the Cloaking Device, standby to Decloak when we reach the planet." Bridges announces to the Main Bridge, while myself, Mak, Matute, and other low ranking officers assist the Captain on the Battle Bridge.

The Battle Bridge is a lot different from the Main one. The Viewscreen is smaller, their is only the Captain's Chair, and most important of all, plenty of Tactical Stations. Also, of course, the standard Operations and Conn connected together right in front of the Viewscreen.

"Lebin, I am changing our plans a bit, report to Runabout Euphrates, Commander Mackowick is already in the Rebellion. I need the best pilots for this Lebin, we can handle things here." Bridges orders me, and I left immediately for the Shuttle Bay.

Upon entering, I see Commander Mackowick about to enter. "Lebin, I thought the Captain ordered me to..." Time to cut him off right their.

"Change of plans Chad, we are both flying today, you are to take charge of the Runabout Rebellion, while I do my work in the Euphrates." I say, and he nods, but I could just here one of those 'buts' about to come out from him.

"But Adam, the Euphrates is barely armed with anything, the Rebellion is better equipped." He says, and I gave him my immediate reply.

"I know that, that is why we are counting on you to draw the enemy fire away from me." I say.

"Battle Bridge to Mackowick and Lebin, get into the Runabouts gentlemen, we are approaching the planet. We will be decloaking in approximately five minutes. Stand By for launch." The Captain orders over the Comm System, and Chad and I enter our assigned Runabouts on the double, and begin pre-launch.

"Chad, lets try to keep a secure Comm Channel between us at all times, if one of us gets in trouble, a... you know." I announce over the ship-to-ship communicator, and finish the final stages of pre-launch.

"Battle Bridge to Runabouts Euphrates at Rebellion, we have decloaked, you may proceed with launch." The Captain orders, and I leave the bay first, and Chad follows right behind me.

Our mission is simple. Draw as many of those Rebellion ships away from the planet as possible, while the Defiant separates its saucer and stardrive sections, so they can reach the planet easier. This is no easy task, considering enemy ships came on our tails rather quickly.

I put this ship in its highest battle mode. Chad was right, this ship is not meant for attack. I got the limited amount of weapons. Two Micro-Torpedoes, and phasers only fire out from the nacelles. If I begin an attack, it will most likely be a short one.

"Rebellion to Euphrates, I am moving in now, I'll try my best to move in, and get out to keep them from firing at me instead of you." Mackowick announces, and we move in together.

Chad moves the Rebellion straight for the lead ship, while its firing at him at the same time. Meanwhile, I go for the ship right next to the lead, hoping to draw both of them off-balance. However, my ship shook too violently.

"Warning, Shields at seventy-five percent." The Computer warns, and then again. "Warning, Shield at fifty percent." It warns me again.

"Computer transfer emergency life-support power to Shield Generators." I order, and I could hear the humming while the computer performs to the transfer.

"Transfer complete, Shields at eighty-nine percent." The Computer announces, and it gave me a sign of relief.

"Rebellion to Euphrates, we did it Commander, the lead ships have moved after us, however, they are launching something I did not expect. SHUTTLES! They are moving in!" Chad says, and I could see it on my sensor grid. At least seven shuttles are moving in fast to our positions.

"Computer, engage auto-attack-piloting system, arm all weapons." I order.

"Piloting system engaged, executing evasive maneuvers." The Computer says. In the meantime, I charge up the Euphrates weapons, and in an instant, they were ready.

All I had to do is get a good angle with the first one, and several might go in flames with the rest... I press the phaser controls to fire, and away the phaser beam goes. My sensors show a direct hit, and one shuttle got caught up in the other ones' flames, and two of them went away. Time to get a little more serious.

"Computer, ready Micro-Torpedo's, fire away number one on my mark." And the computer acknowledges. Now, I had to wait for the right moment when the computer moves the ship into the position I need.

"Computer, MARK!" Then Micro-Torpedo One shot away, and it destroyed another shuttle without hesitation. However, it seems more problems are occurring. The lead Rebellion ships are closing to firing range.

"Euphrates to Rebellion, the Rebellion ships are moving in again, I suggest we take care of the shuttles now before we are blown to bites!" I say over to Comm, and Chad acknowledges.

"No problem Lebin, their are only two left, if you can take the one furthest away from the Rebellion ship, I'll take the one near it." Chad suggests.

"Right with ya' Boss!" I say, and close the channel, just as I take over the Ships Conn System from Computer Control. All I had to do, was get one of them, and face the big guys later... The ship shakes again, and i did not like to hear what it has to say now.

"Warning, Shields down to Thirty-Two Percent, detecting plasma leak in Port Nacell." I had to do something fast. Without that nacell, I have no chance of firing anything.

"Computer, shut down power to Port Nacell, re-route power flow. Computer, go to auto-pilot." The computer takes over the ship again, and I had to find a way to correct the problem in the Nacell, before I get blown to bits.

I went over to the Nacell computer, and found the problem, micro-fracture on the interior power-flow. All I have to do is get a seeling kit, and the thing will be back on line in no time. I took a tool kit, and went over to the area where the problem is. I seeled the leak, double time, so nothing might happen to it again.

"Computer, bring Port Nacell back on-line, disengage auto-pilot, what is the condition of the Shields?" I ask.

"Shields are holding at twenty-five percent." The Computer says, and now, I moved the ship into position, and armed the phasers, established lock...

The entire enemy shuttle went up in flames, right when the phasers broke contact. Now, for the big task, the Rebellion ship of the Vulcarkans, that is following us.

"Chad, all you all right." I ask over the Comm.

"I am here Lebin." He says, and it made me feel good to hear he is okay.

"Chad do you remember those weak sports of those ships by any chance?" I ask, hoping he remembers the first time we encountered these ships at Starbase 4215.

"I do Lebin, however, you don't have that kind of fire power to get at them." He says, and I had to consider something for a moment.

"No Commander, I don't, but you do, come in, and I'll draw their fire away, no wait, I have an idea..." I explain the entire thing to the Commander, and he seems to like the plan, however, their is still no possibility that this is going to work.

Chad fires away at the weak spots of the ship. What I have to do, is prepare this ship for the final shot.

"Power transfer complete. Warp-Core will shut down upon order." The Computer says, and according to sensors, Chad is close to finishing the job.

"Rebellion to Euphrates, I am finished here, and I am moving out." Chad announces, and I move this ship into position.

"Computer, activate Main-Deflector, and execute." Soon, a blue light fired away at the final weak sport of the Rebel ship. The Euphrates is firing away its warp-core energy at the spot through the Main-Deflector. I notice power readings coming from the Rebel ship, and I shut down the Main-Deflector right away. Soon, the ship went up in flames, just as Chad and I got out of range.

Not only that, sensors are picking up lots of debris from where the Defiant is attacking, and their barely is any sign of Phaser Fire according to sensors.

"Defiant to Rebellion and Euphrates, our mission has been accomplished, what is your status?" Hardin asks.

"Our mission was a success Commander, we will need to return right away, our ships have sustained heavy damage." I explain to Hardin.

"We first have to reconnect with the Stardrive Section, stand-by." Hardin orders, and Chad and I await for the signal to return back to the Defiant.

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