Two festive days
What are two festive days that seemed to be the opposite of each other? Two days that once had an origin but seemed to have gotten lost in the mist of commercialism. I'm referring to Christmas and Halloween. However, I would like to point out the similarities commercialism has created for these two days.

If there is anything we can hate about Christmas, it's Christmas shopping. Try buying a popular children's item during Christmas time and you'll be rewarded with a "Out of Stock" tag. People are constantly pushing and shoving each other, parking is a nightmare, and our credit cards can only take so much swipe stress. Halloween, although not as busy, can produce the same results. The stress to find the right costume can be a real pain, especially when you discover Joe Dung has the same one. The shortage of rear costumes can produce the same calamity, resulting in a push and shove match to get the last one.

Then, there are the Christmas commercials. Every commercial depicting Santa Claus acting in a silly manner. Some are touching, some are downright nauseating. Halloween produces the similar results. There are always tons of commercials that flood the television. Instead of aiming for the warm fuzzy emotions in us, they aim for the scary silly tactic. The intent may be different, but the tactics are the same.

During Christmas, we receive many gifts from friends and family. The gifts come in many varieties from cars to nail clippers. Halloween has a similar tradition. Instead of a variety of big or expensive objects, we have a variety of small and cheap objects in the form of candy.

There are much more similarities that can be pointed out between the two festive days, but these will do for now. So remember, superficially the two days are very different, but deep in the heart of commercialistic influence, they're practically sisters.

So enjoy this holiday and my webpage, and don't eat anything that looks like yellow snow.

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