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Site Updated October 15th 98

NEWS Updated 10-15-98
Cinescape Reports:
"Rush Hour director Brett Ratner has elected to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a "thriller about computer glitches" instead of agreeing to the advances of an enthusiastic Mariah Carey, the New York Daily News is reporting today. Carey was hoping to re-team Ratner with her Double O Soul co-star Chris Tucker in the spy spoof she is co-starring in as well as producing."

Tough break for Mariah. Maybe she'll find a new director.
NEWS dated 09-30-98
These are special timesThis may be old news to some of you, but I just got this in the mail this morning. Celine's new album cover "These are special times" scheduled for Christmas release.
Thanks to the always cool "Karen "Stylin' Lady" Styles."
NEWS dated 09-23-98
Celine and Mariah results have been updated.
NEWS dated 09-04-98
Just added the Links section to this page. If anyone who owns a Celine or Mariah site would like me to add their site, just email me. Oh and one more thing, I will be gone for a few days, so updates will be slow (especially on the Celine and Mariah singles section). Chao!
NEWS dated 09-01-98
Celine and Mariah results have been updated. I don't know what caused the sudden surge in the Celine Dion fan department, but boy did she get A LOAD of votes in the span of 3 days.

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