Febuary 25th 1999 - Things are definitely not progressing well for the future of Space Quest VII. Havas, the company that bought Sierra and Blizzard after Cendant Software took the tumble of termination, recently terminated the Oakhurst division of Sierra On-Line. Oakhurst was the original founding place of Sierra, and your favorite adventure game series, such as King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight, not to mention Space Quest, were first conceived here. Do you guys need any more proof that Sierra is taking a turn for the worse?

In related news, Scott Murphy, the co-creator of the Space Quest series, has launched his own website, at www.scottmurphy.com. He also talks about Sierra's current state of non-wellbeing and the future of Space Quest.

I also hope to have an interview with Scott Murphy at this website in the future. In the meantime, Jess Morrissette has some interesting news from Scott at his SQ7 page.

Please join the discussion. Are you a friend or foe of Sierra's newfound joy in juvenility?
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