Greetings friend... and welcome to...

Brad's Photo Album!

In this album you will find pictures of me taken at many different stages of my particular life cycle. More pics are on the way as they become available, along with pics of friends.

This is a picture of me taken by a rather professional photographer when I was something like 21 months old or thereabouts. Damn have I been studying with my nose in a book *that* long?? *smirk*

Now I think this was either Year 4 or Year 5 that this photo was taken at my beloved Primary School, it has suffered many years of being in my mother's purse, so I apologise if it looks rather tatty :)

Now this is probably the best recent picture of me, it was taken in February 1996 at my eighteenth birthday party. I have some more recent pics, but I mailed too many of them to net.friends across the globe, so I no longer have them. :(

Aaaah.... a son and his mother... how sweet :) That is my loveable huggable most special dog in the world, Becky, running in the background there.

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