Grab a hot cup of Java, grab a story and join us.

Our menu today includes:

The Gift-by Vicki Gill
Lt. Barclay is re-united with a former lover who is attempting to open trade relations on her planet. The biggest problem seems to be...her people are all vampires!

A Touch of Reality-by Karen May
Lieutenant Reginald Barclay has finally met the love of his life. Now he must decide between his job aboard the Enterprise, or leaving it all behind to marry a beautiful Princess. Soon fate shall decide his destiny for him.

The Child-by Sparks Barclay is being plagued with nightmares that he can't control, but are controlling him.

Create Your Own Star Trek adventure. If these stories aren't enough for you, just make your own up using Barclay.

Barclays Rendevous-by Omega Barclays accidental meeting in the holodeck, turns out to be a passonate romance.

Secret of the A-team-by Jipster Barclay meets the A-team.

If you have a Barclay or Star Trek related story that you would like to have posted here, send it VIA Email to: BARCLAY: Attn: Engineering Dept

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