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Or infrequent as the case may be.

Updated 9/22/98

Interesting tidbits:

1. The 'duranium' canisters used in the scene with the malfunctioning transporter (Hollow Pursuits)in Transporter Rm 3, are really U.S. Navy sonar buoy transport cases.

2. The effects of the laser beam (Nth Degree) hitting Barclay's head, were done live. The use of lasers and mirrors in the scene allowed for camera movement.

3. The original draft of the script (Genesis) was going to ultimately turn the entire crew into identical copies of Barclay, but that idea was deemed too extreme. Also this episode was in production when the devastating 1994 earthquake hit Northridge California, causing 2 days delay in filming.


1. What is Barclay's full name?
ans: Reginald Endicott Barclay III.

2. What is Barclay's rank and position?
ans: He is a Lieutenant J.G., a diagnostic engineer.

3. What is his current and past duty assignment?
ans: He is currently serving about the starship Enterprise. His past assignment was on the Zhukov under Capt. Gleason. He was transferred to the Enterprise on 2366.

4. What nickname did the crew give Barclay?
ans: Broccoli.

5. What was the name of the DNA altering virus that Barclay had named after him?
ans: Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome

6. What were the Stardates of his episodes?
ans: "Hollow Pursuits" 43807.4, "Nth Degree" 44704.2, "Realm Of Fear" 46041.1, "Ship In A Bottle" 46424.1, "Genesis" 47653.2, "Projections" 48892.1

7. What is the ranking system that is used in Star Trek?
ans: It is based on the U.S. Navy ranks. In order from lowest to highest: Ensign (1 pip), Lieutenant Junior Grade (j.g.) (1 1/2 pips), Lieutenant (2 full pips), Lieutenant Commander (2 1/2 pips), Commander (3 pips), Captain (4 pips), Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Admiral of the Fleet.

8. What is Barclay's IQ?
ans: Between 1,200 and 1,450

9. What computer does Barclay initially connect to in 'Nth Degree'?
ans: The starboard computer core.

10. Besides staring in 5 STTNG episodes wasn't he in one other?
ans: He didn't appear, but he was mentioned in 'A Fistful Of Data's'. He helped Alexander (Worf's son) construct a holodeck program for his father. It was the old west period from Earth's history. But we never got to see Barclay.

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